Multiage–Celebrating Learning

Dinosaurs Galore

Our dinosaur topic is the best!

·         We put a dinosaur egg in the bucket with water and it’s hatched into a little green dinosaur.   Bailey

·         I loved making our own designosaurus and mine was called the Byrano Rex.    Byron

·         I like playing with the 2 big roaring dinosaurs because they could move and fight each other.  Okoe

·         I like playing with the toy dinosaurs and I like the dinosaur movie.  Alex

·         I like playing with the dinosaurs.  Tess

·         I’m doing a project about the spinosaurus and the spine on the back cools it down.  Ash

·         I love learning about dinosaurs and the best was when we painted and built our own T Rex.  Oli

·         I like building the dinosaur world.  Kristian

·         We made a big Diplodocus with chalk on the playground and it is 30 metres long. Hayleigh

·         I love painting my dinosaur for my project about the armour dinosaur the Ankylosaurus.              Maria-Grace