Year 5/6—Celebrating Learning

Steiner Class Play 

Class 5/6S has worked very hard this term. In the main lesson period, their literacy work has come out of the epic, Greek narrative by Homer:The Iliad. Otherwise known as The Trojan War, the children have been unpacking ‘seeds’ and writing a plan for three different text types that can be used for future written pieces.




These seeds have included recordings of music and their own original drawings related to The Iliad. A selection of their written responses to the emotional journeys of characters (from The Iliad) feature in this issue.




The children have been hard at work rehearsing and creating accessories for the performance of their annual play, Persephone: A Greek Myth. I am very proud of their successes and have enjoyed observing their performing arts talents improve over the last 6 weeks. Images from dress rehearsals and original artwork feature in this issue also.