Year 1/2–Celebrating Learning


Our 1/2 Mainstream classes have hit the ground running! We have been very busy learning about the writing process in the writers' workshop, the fabulous world of reading, number sense and place value. Students have been investigating  the key understandings of our integrated unit, ‘Belonging to Our Community’. They have been developing emotional literacy through the Respectful Relationships program and being healthy, safe and active through participating in the ‘Ride to School’ day.    



The Wise Owls

After practising our letter-sound knowledge and upper and lower-case letter forms through stories of The King’s Quest, we move into a new main lesson in The Land of Numbers! We are introduced to the four processes through stories of Prince Plus, Princess Minus, Princess Multiply, and Prince Divide. Students also develop their team building and problem solving abilities by creating castles for the Land of Number, using recyclable materials. As the harvest season is upon us, we are taking advantage of opportunities to explore our surroundings. Come to the farm and check out the scarecrow we made!


1S Gugums



The Parrots

After practising our retells and text connections through stories of Celtic Tales and Legends, we move into a new main lesson for Mathematics. We are reintroduced to the foundations of Place Value through the story of the Orchard of the Four Kingdoms. Students from 2S will be furthering their understanding of place value and learning to regroup numbers. In Writing we are continuing to unpack our seeds from Writers Workshop and are learning to follow the writing process of planning, drafting, revising, editing and publishing.


2S Dandans