A message from Leon

Welcome to the second edition of Dhumbadjirri for 2020.  We will continue to keep running Dhumbadjirri during these times.


A word of Thanks

First of all, I would like to thank the community for all your encouragement and support for me personally and the staff during this time.  I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of all our staff who have been on the front line and also to thank my leadership team for their exceptional hard work leading TPS this week. They are doing their best working with the students and the unknown in their professional well as their personal lives.


School times

School times are changing constantly. We will advise you through Compass of any changes to school times and dates.   Be prepared for more changes throughout the year as many programs are changed/postponed and/or cancelled.


Learning from Home

The Department of Education and Training (DET) are requiring schools to move to a remote home learning module where students can access lessons via an online platform.  We are working on how we can use this technology to deliver lessons but not rely on the technology completely. We will be trying some various methods over the next few days and assessing their success.

Information was also sent via Compass with tips and information about how you can start thinking about home learning.



I have met with the cleaning company and we have been able to access extra cleaning staff and supplies for now.  I have also requested a deep clean of classrooms over the holidays.  We are working on reducing risk in the high traffic areas such as the front foyer, main doors and toilets.


Please take care of yourself and your families.   I will keep communicating with you and please feel free to ask questions via compass of email.


Leon Bell