Warrandyte Primary are once again running the artwork fundraiser. Students have completed artwork in class and a copy of your child’s/ren artwork and an order form have been sent home, please check their bag if you  have not seen yours.  Please do not feel any pressure to order anything - but if you want to place an order please hand them in by Wednesday 11 November (yes next Wednesday) apologies for the very short time frame but any extension will mean orders will not be received before end of term.


In addition to the Sugar Glider Nesting Box project (which has been emailed to each family) FOWPS are planning an Online Silent Auction. We are starting to collect donations of items for this event but have not yet set a date (probably early Term 4). Due to the hardship many local businesses are experiencing we have added the option of donating the profit from selling an item (as long as it sells) and returning a previously agreed amount to the donor. For example, a cleaner might offer an hour of their services for $30 and we sell it for $50. We pay them the base price of $30 and FOWPS keeps the $20. We hope in this way, we can all 'scratch each other's backs'!


If you would like to make a donation to this event please be flexible with expiry dates as we are not sure how easily people will be able to access your services over the next 12 months. Please contact the school office if would like a copy of the sponsor letter to forward to any businesses or individuals you know who might support this event. 


Thanks for all of your support of our school in this crazy time. 


Meg Bailey

FOWPS School Council Representative


M 0406 949 491 


For those who have not seen the video on how to make a Sugar Glider nesting box, here it is again.