Hello, from Carolyn.


Hello everyone!


Getting used to being together again.

It is wonderful to have most of our students back at school everyday, fingers crossed the winter illnesses are just about done! (I hope I am not jinxing us with that statement!)

We haven't had most students at school in our classrooms for a while and our teachers are finding that, for some of our students, it is challenging getting used to being back together. We implement a range of strategies and programs to support our students so they are able to be their best, to think of others, to make good choices and learn how to repair relationships when they are damaged.

'Play is the Way' is integral to our school and creates a learning environment where all our students learn to develop an awareness and mastery of their own behaviours and to treat others with compassion and respect. 

You might already be using Play is the Way language at home, if you don't, I encourage you to give it a go. An appropriate place to start might be to use the concept of "It takes great strength to be sensible"- "We do the right thing because it's the best thing to do". Underlying this concept is the idea of good manners:

 *the habit of speaking and acting in a way which gives people a feeling of being appreciated, valued and respected.

*the habit of using the words and actions of good manners with sincerity.


First Aid notifications via Sentral.

We are trialling a new way of communicating our First Aid incidents through Sentral, thank you to Ms. Condon for setting this up. 

When a student visits the First Aid room we will fill out an electronic form which will then be sent out to the Parent Portal. This is just another way for us to make sure that we are communicating with parents about minor injuries or illness at school and it will replace the paper note we have sent home in the past. For more serious First Aid incidents where students need to go home, we will contact you directly. 


Enrolling for 2023.

A reminder to please make sure you have returned enrolment forms for any siblings who will be starting at our school next year. Planning for 2023 starts early and knowing numbers of students at each year level is important. That also means that, if for any reason your family is moving on from our school, please let me know as soon as possible.


Cuppa with Carolyn.

Hope to see you at my next 'Cuppa with Carolyn', Friday 12th August at 2:30pm.