Annual Lamont Book Fair opens Monday August 29 / Le Salon du Livre Lamont ouverture le lundi 29 août

What's in a book?

Giving your child a book is giving them a master key that opens doors to knowledge, imagination, dreams, creativity, pleasure and independence.  By developing their literacy skills, they become more confident readers and in turn nurture their love of learning independently, a skill that they will carry throughout their lives.


It doesn’t matter which genre they enjoy reading, as long as they keep reading! The books featured in the Lamont Book Fair have been carefully curated and are suitable for primary school children.

Each book you buy helps our school, which in turn benefits your child

To add a cherry on top, every book you purchase for your child, our school gets a commission. These funds are reinvested into your child learning through more books for our school library.  It really is a win-win!


How it works

Students will have an opportunity to browse the fair with their classroom.  They will fill out a wish list to take home.  You will be able to place an order online that your child will then collect at school. 


Parents and carers are welcome

Furthermore, the book fair will be open to parents and carers who wish to come with their child for some fun shopping together.  The books can also be purchased on the spot, by EFTPOS


Hours of operation for families: from 3.30 to time tbc on dates tbc


We look forward to seeing you at our very own CJC Lamont Book Fair! 

"So please, oh please, we beg, we pray, go throw your TV set away, and in its place you can install a lovely bookshelf on the wall," - Roald Dahl