Survey from the Parents' Committee

Because it take a village to raise a child...

Because “it takes a village to raise a child”, we want to have an inclusive, vibrant and engaged school community to support the development of our children. After two years of working and learning from home, it is essential that we rebuild our community around our collective expectations. Nothing can be done without the support of our invaluable community. With primary school children, our lives are busy, but any little bit can help - whether it is donating a cake for our food stall, volunteering to sell the pains au chocolat on Friday, being a parent volunteer to support the teachers, there are many different ways to contribute, without compromising our other commitments! We are now reaching out to you to better understand how you feel about the CJC community, how we can do better and how you may want to join us. The more the merrier! The survey below should take [5-10] minutes of your time only.


Finally, note that this survey is from the School Council and the Parents Committee, and it is specifically about engagement and our community. You may also receive a separate survey from the Department of Education about the school itself.



Thanks in advance for your support.