From the School Leadership Team,

From Mr. Chant,



We almost made it to the end of the first week of term 3 without a hitch and then we were given the news of the current lockdown that commenced at midnight last night. Although this lockdown is only planned to last five days we are faced with the challenges of arresting the progress of the Delta strain of the COVID virus that shows no favour, is extremely transmissible and has moved across the community so quickly.


Our students have been in this situation before and we know they are resilient, positive and able to deal with this current situation. Our formal online program commences Monday morning with the timetable and the links being sent to families later today. 


If your child is going to be attending prep "Victorian Curriculum" at Caulfield Junior College in 2022, please ensure you have submitted your enrolment form.  Submit your application to the office by 31st August.


We will use COMPASS to send out information and updates as these become available.


On-site students who accessed the program last time on the respective days can access the program again. If you are wanting to access the program you need to apply to the school and await a confirmation before your child can join the onsite program. The DET has fairly rigid guidelines in place for students attending school during lockdowns and these guidelines will need to be met prior to approval. The students onsite are supervised by staff who will either be a VIT Registered Teacher or hold a current Working With Children Check (WWCC). Your child may not know the staff members that are supervising them and the staff will be rostered on at different times throughout the week based on demand.


We ask families again to be mindful of their engagement in the online learning program. Please have your child ready for the program, be supportive and positive, manage what you can in the time available, be respectful of the staff and allow them to work unhindered and raise any concerns via email directly with the teacher.


The reason we have been able to manage this lockdown experience so successfully in the past is due the positive engagement by our community, the hard work of our staff and the resilience of our students. Together we will once again manage our way through the current circumstances and return to school next Friday ready to pick up where we left off.  As always, our greatest priority is the health and safety of our community.


Remember there are 5 reasons to be out of the home

  • Shopping for necessary goods and services
  • Caregiving
  • Authorized/permitted work
  • Exercise (up to two hours per day)
  • Vaccination/ COVID testing

Please ensure that you regularly check the DHHS exposure list.


This week the classes have been enjoying the opportunity to contribute to the production of four Indigenous themed art works that are being prepared for installation around the school.



From Mme. Pommier,

French Director.


Chers parents et tuteurs,


Nous espérons que votre famille et vos proches se portent bien. Ce nouveau lockdown occasionne certainement quelques changements pour ce week-end. Dès lundi, nos élèves seront de retour en ligne et retrouveront un emploi du temps familier. 


Tour de France

Un énorme merci à Thomas Mercier et David Le Breton pour leur webinaire sur le Tour de France, le 14 juillet dernier. Nos deux experts ont partagé leur passion du Tour de France et sont invités à revenir l’année prochaine pour échanger avec nos élèves.   Merci également à Christophe Mallet, journaliste à SBS pour son film sur les coulisses du Tour de France. Vous pouvez dès maintenant retrouver le lien de la vidéo de Christophe ici :


Bastille Day 


Nous tenons à remercier chaleureusement l’EFM et particulièrement Karen Hill, pour leur contribution à nos célébrations du 14 juillet. Les élèves ont pu profiter de la présence de Jean Darme, notre artiste ambulant préféré, et ont reçu un goûter alléchant à la fin de cette belle journée culturelle.


L’Association des Anciens Combattants Français du Victoria 

Le 14 juillet dernier, nos capitaines de l’école ont également assisté à la cérémonie de L’Association des Anciens Combattants Français du Victoria, accompagnés de Mr Maher et Mme Micciche, ils ont offert une couronne de fleurs au nom de CJC.


Bon weekend à tous !


Dear parents and carers,


We hope that your family and loved ones are all well.  Your weekend plans surely had to be adjusted with this new lockdown.  From Monday, our students will return to remote learning and a timetable to which they are now familiar.


Tour de France

A big thank you to Thomas Mercier and David Le Breton for the webinar on the Tour de France that they presented on July 14. Our two experts shared their passion for the Tour de France and we have invited them to come back next year to share it with our students.  Thank you to Christophe Mallet as well, journalist at SBS, for his TDF Backstage video which you can view by clicking this link:


Bastille Day 


We wish to warmly  thank the EFM, especially Karen Hill, for their contribution to our Bastille Day celebrations.  The students were able to enjoy our favourite roving performer Monsieur Jean Darme, and receive a delicious French treat at the end of this beautiful cultural day.


L’Association des Anciens Combattants Français du Victoria

On July 14, our school Captains also attended The Association des Anciens Combattants Francais du Victoria ceremony with Mr Maher and Mme Micciche and laid a wreath in the name of CJC.


I wish you all a great weekend!