Key People - we're here to help

Who do I see if I have a question? 

The following is an outline of who you should speak to if you have a specific question. Of course, anyone will be happy to answer your questions, but to help you to start looking in hopefully the right place, please use this guide.


Mrs. Julia Lewis – Careers Office

  • Careers and pathways planning
  • Work Experience
  • Structured Workplace Learning
  • VET
  • TAFE
  • School based apprenticeships.
  • University prerequisites/applications

Year Level Co-ordinators - YLC Office

  • Medical/learning/wellbeing/family issues
  • Initial concern for student progress/behaviours
  • General school issues/attendance
  • Notification of missed SAC/SAT
  • Links for wellbeing support services

Mrs. Narelle Calder – Sub School Office

  • Subject selections and changes to programs
  • Ongoing medical/learning/wellbeing/family/attendance supports
  • Special Consideration for SAC/SAT/Exams
  • VCAA Special Provision, Rules and Policies
  • Engagement and academic progress supports
  • Notification of missed SAC/SAT
  • Internal exam procedures/exam supports

Mrs. Kylie Morrish – Assistant Principal

  • Serious and ongoing concerns about student progress, attendance and behaviours
  • Student Driver passes
  • Ongoing medical/learning/wellbeing/family/attendance supports


Ms. Alex Connor – Acting Assistant Principal

  • Curriculum and assessment matters
  • Virtual School Victoria enrolments (Distance Education)
  • Ongoing medical/learning/wellbeing/family/attendance supports


. David Browne – Principal

  • External exam supervision and co-ordination
  • External exam venues
  • External exam materials
  • External exam set-up/notification/timetables
  • Liaison with VCAA on all exam matters
  • Ongoing learning/wellbeing/family supports for all students