Senior School Studies in 2022 at Red Cliffs Secondary College

Welcome to your senior studies at Red Cliffs Secondary College.

Red Cliffs Secondary College provides high quality education to students in years 7 -12 and caters for the varying needs and aspirations of those students in terms of their academic and social development. At all times, we have a strong commitment to educating and developing the whole student.


The Senior School at Red Cliffs Secondary College places great emphasis on students having a positive attitude to every aspect of school life and on generating an enthusiasm for self-directed learning and becoming informed, active global citizens.


Our emphasis is on developing confident, resilient and purposeful young adults with realistic aspirations for meeting the challenges they will face in their chosen careers. All students are challenged and supported to think positively about their future pathways and their leadership responsibilities. 


Every student in the senior school is assisted through individual careers counselling to develop an individual career pathway that provides a global perspective and a sense of direction. A strong, integrated and holistic wellbeing program seeks to provide students with an additional element of support and care.


The purpose of this handbook is to provide students and their families with information about the Senior School and the subjects that will be offered. It is vital that students in the Senior School plan carefully and make informed decisions that enable them to fulfill both academic and personal goals.


The best advice is to choose studies:

  • Which the student enjoys;
  • In which the student achieves success;
  • That the student may need for future study (prerequisites) or work;
  • Which maintain and develop the student’s special skills and talents.

Each student should ensure that he/she is fully informed before making decisions about his/her course of study.


Qualities required of the students to assist in this journey are:

  • A desire to do their best at all times in all aspects of school life and learning;
  • A commitment to their studies;
  • Determination and perseverance when things become difficult;
  • Dedication to their studies and personal growth
  • Discipline at school, the workplace and home.

These qualities are necessary to meet the challenges of the final years of secondary schooling and allow students to succeed. 


Welcome to your senior years of study at Red Cliffs Secondary College in 2021 and beyond.