Galilee Athletics Day - Monday

This Monday 4th March students will participate in the Galilee Athletics Day at Lakeside Stadium.

Year 3-6 students will be walking to the track at 8.45am.

Students will need to be in full sports uniform, plain House coloured T-shirt (optional), including correct footwear.  They should be wearing runners not sand shoes. Students will need to bring their lunch and plenty of snacks for the day.  Hydration will be very important so please ensure they have lots of water to drink.  Please have items packed in a small labelled backpack. NO LUNCH ORDERS ON THIS DAY. Thank you to the parents volunteering to help on the day.

School Closure Days Next Week

Next Thursday and Friday will be closure days for students at Galilee.

During this time staff will be learning about: Smart Spelling (a new program for 2019), Learning Sprints (encourages professional growth of how teachers teach) and Religious Education Reporting (I Can Statements). It is also designed to create stronger professional and collaborative relationships between the staff.

GOSH will be open from 7am-6pm so please ensure you register/book

Student Medication

Any child with anaphylaxis, allergies or asthma must have their medication stored at the school office with the management plans from their doctor. Please do not wait for camps and excursions to inform the school of your child's allergy/asthma.

All temporary medication (antibiotics, panadol, eye drops, creams etc.) also comes to the office with the completed consent form from the dates page of bulletins and newsletters. This form lasts for 1 week.

Grief, Separation, Change and Loss Programme

To help our children through their experiences of loss, whether it be bereavement, parent separation, disability of a family member, chronic illness in the family, moving house or changing schools, we are offering to children from Prep to Year 6 grief management sessions, based on the well-known grief and loss programme, Seasons for Growth.  Through these sessions, we aim to promote healthy and meaningful adaptation to loss and change through skilled facilitation of peer support programmes and creative opportunities for learning and growth. 

If you would like your child to be a part of our Grief, Separation, Change and Loss Programme, please email Mrs Ferris at  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Lunch Orders


  • Lunch order days are MONDAYS and FRIDAYS
  • Online orders must be submitted by 10am
  • Envelope orders must include student's name, class, order and correct change
  • Pack a snack on lunch order days

GOSH - TheirCare

It's been a fun week at GOSH: on Monday we've done "Find and colour" challenge, where the prize was stikeez ( Max, Elana and Isabella are the winners); on Tuesday we've done custom made bookmarks (Anabella, Serhr, Evie, Chloe, Molly and Elana have made awesome job!), on Wednesday we'll make volcano, on Thursday we'll make slime.

Dear parents, don't forget to book children for pupil free days before the long weekend next week at . We will operate from 7 am- 6 pm on Thursday and Friday next week, provide your children morning snack and lunch please, we will provide breakfast and afternoon tea.



Join us and become a Galilee Nude Food Warrior!

Nude food is about trying to reduce our waste. Plastics can harm the environment and can cause global warming. Galilee wants to prevent global warming and the loss of innocent animal lives by discontinuing the use of plastic. We are becoming Nude Food Warriors! You may know already that we have promoted Nude Food at Galilee previously. Our SRC members surveyed their peers about Nude Food and we can see that people want to continue the initiative this year.


The SRC will be promoting Nude Food Days with posters around the school and in the school newsletter.  Every week there will be a challenge for the class with the least amount of non biodegradable waste. The winning class is rewarded with a trophy and a prize (awarded by your teachers).


From our survey results over the past week, you have told us that you would like more reminders, better communication with parents and more rewards for your efforts for Nude Food. In our SRC meeting next Monday, we will be discussing how we can continue to improve Nude Food. If you have any ideas about Nude Food, please come and chat to your class rep.


Just a friendly reminder that Nude Food is simply food that is not wrapped in foil, plastic or commercial packaging. The best types of Nude Food is fresh food which is healthy, nutritious and environmentally friendly.  We encourage all students to bring food without plastic.


For more information about becoming a Nude Food Warrior you can visit


Isabel G, 6F’s SRC

Galilee Open Morning

We will hold our open morning on Wednesday 13th March for families with future enrolments to visit our school. If you know anyone who is interested, they can register via this link

Sibling Prep enrolment interviews will be held from March 12-15. A Caremonkey request to book times will be sent home tomorrow.

St Aloysius Beyond Primary School


Mr Coaley will be away on Long Service Leave for three days from March 13-15 and be replaced by Miss Romios.

De La Salle Tours

Art Class