Student Reports


The students from Prep to Year 6 have worked really studiously on Book Week tasks for display in the Hall.

Preps concentrated on collage faces showing who they would like to be when they grow up. This work was inspired by the book ‘I’m Australian Too’ by Mem Fox. Years 1 & 2 painted watercolour castles after listening to Phil Cummings story ‘Boy’, while Years 3 & 4 created treasure maps that illustrated the things they treasure.

Anna Walker’s book ‘Florette’ was the basis for the Year 5 & 6 felt collages depicting gardens outside windows in the city apartments.

If you have a moment to spare you may like to visit the display.

Physical Education

This term, students have learnt skills in netball, hockey, rugby and basketball. We were very lucky to have had Amelia from Melbourne Storm run two NRL clinics for the Year Five and Six students. 


It has been a great pleasure to teach the students and watch their skills develop in P.E at Galilee while Mr. Tobin has been on leave. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it, even the extremely cold mornings! 

Helen Walker


Large waves of Italian migration into Australia began in the late 1940s. There are now nearly one million people living in Australia who claim Italian heritage. They play an important role in Australian society by contributing and sharing their customs, skills and culture. A highly industrialised nation, Italy is a leader in technology and design. Australia imports a range of sophisticated industrial machinery from Italy as well as manufactured goods such as textile yarns, fabrics, footwear, food and clothing. In return, Australia exports wool, leather, coal, cotton and iron ore to Italy. Some Italian companies established in Australia are – CIT, Pirelli Tyres, Pirelli Cables, Prada, Barilla, Banca Nazionale del Lavoro, Luxoticca, Divella, Fila, Ermenegildo Zegna, Iveco, Saeco and Sanpellegrino, to name just a few.


Italian is the third most spoken language in Australia. Currently, Italian is taught fortnightly at Galilee with Mr Martello.

Digital Technologies-Year Two

This Term in Digital Technologies students in Grade Two have been learning about advertisements and their various forms, including: audio, visual and film. They have collaborated in groups to create their very own advertisements on a subject of their choice. To plan their scenes the Grade 2’s worked together on a joint google slide. To film they used the application imotion, and to add sound and music they edited their film using imovie.  During the creation process, the Grade 2 students were very creative and dedicated to their projects. As well as learning about technology, they also learnt about the importance and benefits of teamwork.


Emoji Advertisement from Students in 2F

A snippet from our Performing Arts Leaders

From Tiffany:

This year the whole school have been involved in a school musical, the Lion King Jr. In our Performing Arts classes we have been learning our class songs, the movements and the timing. These classes are led by Miss Carnovale, our hard-working Performing Arts teacher. She has been teaching us the scripts, The Finale, The Bows and much more. Singing our songs is great because it all pays off in the end and then the whole school community can enjoy.


From Geremy:

Since the beginning of Term 2 up until this point in time, Miss Carnovale has been running rehearsals for the main roles and the ensemble members of Galilee’s performance of the Lion King Jr. The rehearsals have been a lot of fun and it could not have been done without the guidance of Miss Carnovale. She has given all the students that have main roles and ensemble roles a lot of helpful tips that has helped this performance be the best that it can possibly be. We are extremely grateful for what she has done for us.