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'A book is a magic carpet that flies you off elsewhere. A book is a door, you open it, you step through.'   Jeanette Winterson


P-1 Remote Learning 

This week the P-1 students participated in an online workshop with our school counsellor Daniella. She spoke to the students about what is happening and the changes they might have noticed because of COVID 19. The students learnt new strategies they can use when they are feeling anxious, upset, angry, bored, happy, sad or excited. Have a go at practicing them at home! 



Writing Narratives 


Persuasive Writing


R U OK? 


2D and 3D Shapes


Keeping Busy 




Year 2/3 Remote Learning


Students watched the video Together It's OK! (RU OK) and identified how the boy Blue was feeling and what his friends did to help him. Some of their comments are as follows: 


Isabella: Blue is sad and they comfort him. They play or talk to him. 

Maxie: I think people comfort him and say "Are you okay?"

Roman: Blue is bored and his friends play with him. 

Harper: Blue said your friends are there to comfort you and he is feeling sad and his friends comfort him by giving him the crown and a cape.

Jacob: His friends help him. 

Aleisha: Blue means sad because some people say tears are blue. They comfort him like Isabella said, in a way everyone does, DANCING! They all dance together.

Zara: I think that they made him feel good about himself.

Gail: Blue is sad and his friends say it's ok and comfort him.

Veer: They do colourful things, throw ribbons.


We also had a discussion about the colour yellow and why everyone was wearing yellow. 

Comments: Yellow is a happy colour. We think of the outside, the sun shining. The sun is yellow. 






The students have also been learning how to make graphs using Google Sheets. 

They have been exploring how to change to different types of graphs and to change the legends and colours.  


Year 5/6 Remote Learning

Trivia Night

A big thankyou to all the families who joined us on Tuesday night for our first Family Trivia Night. It was great to see all families join us and join in the fun. Our resident Trivia Buff Rose-Lee Lucchesi rose to the challenge of having over 75 people at the online event and did a brilliant job. Thanks Rose-Lee!



Photography ~ This competition is heating up with many entries over the past week or so; here is but a few...


Art Competition

Today is RUOK day. I can't think of a better, more poignant thing I've seen, than this piece created by one of our school leaders, Year 6 student Hanna Pham. When asked about the inspiration behind her entry into the Art competition, Hannah reflected 'I don't know, exactly, I just remember feeling quite sad at the time when I did this'. Out of sadness comes beauty. Thanks for sharing, Hanna. 


Green Fingers Sprouting...

Seeds continue to sprout as we welcome in Spring! Looking forward to a bumper crop at the end of Term 4. 



Writing ~ Pen Pals 

Wow! Last Monday the students in 5/6 received letters from pen-pals  that were established last month. Thanks to Mark for such a brilliant initiative, students from Sacred Heart in Cabramatta, Sydney have been sent letters and Lockdown Survival Kits from our senior students. Our kids have been busy writing their second letter to a stranger who now has a name! 


Dear Peter,


Hello, nice to hear from you! Hope you're doing well and having some sorta fun at home, I know it sucks but we will get through it together, NSW and VIC will be best buddies and get through it. So let's get into your questions that you have asked me. I do play some games on my phone such as Madut and Headball. That's about it, otherwise I just watch Tik Tok. I'm not really worried about Covid because I know it’s really just a flu with a little bit more symptoms and anyway my family is vaccinated, which makes it even better.

I am happy at home but sometimes I just need a break from my brother because we're just cramped up in a house 24/7. I am the oldest sibling. My brother is 10 and I'm 12. I do take care of him and always protect him because he is the little one but yeah otherwise we're  just arguing all the time, (lol). 

Some bonus stuff for you...

I go for Liverpool in the Prem and I go for PSG in Ligue 1, I go for Barca in La Liga, I go for Juventus in Serie A and I go for Bayern in the Bundesliga. My rank in rocket league are Silver 3 in 3s, Plat 1 in 2s and I'm Gold 1 in 1s.

 Some More Questions For You

What rank are you in rocket league?

Who do you go for in the big leagues?

Who is your favourite player from PSG?

Do you watch AFL, if you do who do you go for?

What's your favourite pizza?


From Oscar, 

Your Pen Pal


To Dylan,

Thanks for your letter, it’s good to know more about you.

My favorite game to play on Roblox is Bedwars. I like it when I break other people's beds and push them into the void with the bread stick. I played aba this morning and I didn't really like it in my opinion. 

My favorite youtuber is Kreekcraft. He makes Roblox piggy videos. If you don’t know what piggy is, it is a horror game on Roblox and you need to get keys and try to escape the map. My favorite movie is Jumanji Welcome to the jungle. 

After I finish my work I go on Roblox and play Bedwars until 6:00 to get the free vans clothing. 

I like to eat sausages, chips and burgers. I play with my friend on Roblox everyday. He is only 1 year below me. 

Answering your questions:

My favorite game on Roblox is Bedwars.

No, I don’t watch anime.

Yes, my family is doing well in lockdown. How about yours?


What is your Roblox username? Mine is dragonfire32159. We could be friends in Roblox if you like.

Have you watched Jumanji?

Excited to hear back from you.

From your pen pal