Principal News


Dear Sacred Heart Community



School Closure Day

As has been mentioned in our newsletter these past four weeks, our school closure day this term for staff to work on their professional development, will be tomorrow Friday 10th September. Tomorrow, our staff will be working on the faith development part of our student's curriculum.

Our school will not be open for our students who have been working onsite during the lockdowns.


New COVID19 Protocols

As outlined in this week's special bulletin, we are asking all parents and guardians to adhere to the following new protocols.

  • The front door at the entrance  to the school will now be locked and all parents and guardians who wish to make contact with the office upon arrival will need to ring the school (9487 1001)
  • Whilst facemasks are not mandated but are encouraged especially for our older students, we will assume that those students who come to school with a mask, are being asked by their parents to wear their mask


A Prayer for the People of Afghanistan

Dear Lord

We lift up the people of Afghanistan to you right now. We pray that you would take hold of them and help them walk through this fearful time. Protect them under your wing and help them feel the comfort and peace that only comes from your powerful presence.


So many people who have called this place their home have been displaced because of this event. Remind them, Lord, that their true home is in Heaven with you. Give those who believe in you the courage to stand strong in their faith and be a strong witness for you. 


Also, be with those who do not believe in you – help them to see the peace in your followers and allow the Holy Spirit to stir in their hearts as they witness this.





School Fees (From the School Office)

Just a friendly reminder that your school fees are due and payable by the end of this term - as per your statement which was sent out in August. 

With the current lockdown situation you can still phone the office to arrange a contactless payment via credit card over the phone. 

MACS prefer that school fees be paid via Direct Debit  - if you would like to take up this payment method please contact the office to arrange a payment plan. 

We really appreciate your commitment to our school however should you be having any difficulties with regards to payment, please contact Mark to discuss how we can assist you with this.  (Rosemarie and Maria)


Rosemarie, Maria and our school's Business Manager Bernadette, made me aware earlier this week, that a significant number of families have not fulfilled their financial commitment to our school by paying their school fees for this term and some families also for terms one and two. I am most aware that the majority of this year has been one of turmoil, with families having to confront many more important time consuming tasks than paying school fees. 

I ask that families who have not got around to contacting our school office to pay their child/ren's fees, please do so next week before our third term holiday commences. As Maria and Rosemarie have indicated above, a direct debit arrangement for paying fees is strongly encouraged, and makes the fee collection system easier for all.



School Production News



Yesterday I had the privilege to be present, when our Year Five/Six students presented their singing skills to Kate and Larry as part of the casting process for our production. Our student's enthusiasm, confidence and skill to perform in front of an audience (in this case both online and with a small number of students at school), never ceases to amaze me. I know if the parents of these children had been privy to this session, they would have been equally as impressed and very proud of their children.





Introducing Our Year Prep 2022 Class Teacher


This week I took the unusual step of announcing earlier than normal, our Year Prep teacher for 2022, Amanda. As for last year, lockdown is compromising our transition events for our new Year Prep class. Even though we are hoping we can get our Year Prep 2022 students into our school next term, I took the opportunity and asked Amanda to put together a short presentation introducing herself to her new students. Even though Ned and Lola nearly stole the show, Amanda was able to continue to be the star.


Wellbeing For Us All


Today is national RUOK Day. This year the day has particular significance for us all. As you will be aware from our school newsletters, during the last eighteen months our student's wellbeing has been at the forefront of all our planning and practices. The reason I highlight the day, is to reinforce our commitment to the care of our students and also our concern for all members of our school families during these challenging times. Take care.



Please stay safe.


Yours sincerely

Mark Tierney