Principal News

Dear Parents and Guardians


I apologise for this restriction to the number of guests each family is allowed at this Sunday's Confirmation Mass. After attending Mass last Sunday at Sacred Heart and seeing the number of pews that are no longer available for seating, and in light of the parish confirming an extra seven candidates late last week, it is apparent that we will be in breach of the COVID protocols unless  we restrict the number of people at Sunday's Mass. Bishop Terry Curtin when visiting our students stipulated to Jenny and myself that we must ensure we adhere to the correct spacing protocols.


In light of these considerations, we are asking that each candidate only has six guests which must include their sponsor. If a candidate has a brother or sister singing in the choir, they will not be counted in the six guests as they will be sitting with Kate to the side of the altar during Mass.


I know this restriction will cause disappointment in some families, but we are required to adhere to the protocols which has seen our state less impacted by this insidious illness compared to other countries around the world. It is due to everyone's hard work that we are able to have the Sacrament of Conformation celebrated. I ask that you understand this direction and adhere to this protocol so we can celebrate the Sacrament and stay safe.



Mark Tierney