2021 Calendar Dates

KEM Principals Meetings

10th March

16th June

1st September


KM Principals and Leaders Meeting

11th March

15th June

26th November


KEM Business Managers

26th March

24th August


KM Chairs of the Board Network

5th May

3rd September 


Justice Coordinators

7th May

26th August

5th November


Faith Leaders

24th February

14th May

20th August

5th November


Student Seminar 

18th-19th March (Amberley)

21st May

22nd October (PFC)


Kildare Ministries Conference

28-30th April 


Student Leadership Retreat

6-8th December


New Staff Induction

17th March (1/2)

9th September (2/2)


New Leaders Seminar

23rd February (1/2)

27th August (2/2)


Founding Grace Retreat

28-29th October