Nude Food every day at LPS.


This means that students leave food packaging at home and instead bring their lunch in a reusable container to school. We have reduced the size of our bins in the classroom to minimise waste so lunch wrappers and any rubbish brought in must go home!


We are a health promoting school and encourage families to make healthy choices for their lunchboxes. We encourage students to bring fruit, vegetables and water bottles in their lunch boxes every day. 


At all grade levels, a ‘healthy snack’ break occurs daily. Children are only allowed to eat fruit, vegetables and drink water at this time. Any food scraps are used to feed the animals, composted to feed our hungry worms or go into general compost for the garden.

We encourage our families to use durable, reusable lunch boxes and containers as they may last for many years and save money and the environment.


Anastasia Vrionis

STEM Leader