Principal's Report

Parent/Teacher Interviews

Thank you to all the parents and carers that attended our Parent Teacher Interviews last night. This night is an important step in forming positive relationships between home and school to ensure that the year ahead is a productive, effective and supportive year of learning for your child/ren. 

We strive to build great home/school relationships and hence we encourage you to continue to communicate with us if you have further questions or concerns as the year progresses. If you were unable make the evening please get in touch with your child’s teacher. We encourage every family to connect with their child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year.


International Women’s Day

On Monday it was International Women’s Day.  I would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of the women working with LPS, our wider community and at home to make LPS a great place to be.  Your contribution, leadership and commitment is valued greatly. 

I am personally grateful that my two girls will grow up in a world where equity and opportunity is at the forefront of our minds, more so than any other generation before us. 


What you may not see (or know)

What you may not always realise is that behind the scenes of our classrooms, our staff are continuously learning and developing professionally. At times this means we have a curriculum day, or your child’s teacher may be attending learning offsite for the day, meaning there may be a replacement teacher in the class for the day. The majority of our staff meetings are focussed on professional learning. 

At LPS we have a fairly rigorous Professional Learning schedule. Currently we have a variety of learning that occurs across the school.  This includes:

Julie Shepherd (reading consultant) - working with selected staff on their reading instruction.

Real Schools - working with all staff about building relationships and working restoratively.

Growth Coaching International – working with our Learning Specialists and Leading Teacher around their coaching ability and ability to affect change.

Leading Teams – working with principal class, administration staff and our level leaders developing a clear vision for our school and the part individuals have in ensuring the best education for the LPS kids. 

Sarah Roney (psychologist) – working with all staff on the effects of positive education on student learning through our THRIVE program.

Plus much more which involve lots of online learning with our network schools. 

Schools are busy places and just as we would expect our doctors to keep up with the latest innovations in the medical field so we are treated more efficiently (and less painfully) teachers are no different and it is expected that we keep up with the evolving education landscape. 


Have a great week, 


Mark Moorhouse