Principal's Report 


We, at Miners Rest Primary School, would like to acknowledge the Wadawurrung people of the Kulin Nation.

We pay our respects and thank the Wadawurrung people.

May we share your land. We promise to look after it, as well as the animals and people too.

Settling back in...

What a credit to everyone involved, in having students arrive ready for school, both physically and mentally.

The positive attitudes and approaches to their new school year has been evident with all students.  No doubt many or most students had butterflies, sleepless nights and some excuses ready to go, but almost without exception they've embraced their new environment, teacher and classmates.

Thanks to all of you at home, who sit behind the children, with positive approaches and encouragement to just do their best - which is plenty good enough...

School Crossing Use

It is of vital importance we all take the time to re-set and ensure the correct use of our three school crossing zones.  Please assist us in the safe passage of all students to and from school via supportive and instructional conversations in correct and safe use of our crossings.  

Please be mindful to use our school values of 'kindness' and 'respect' with our crossing supervisors also, who do a wonderful job protecting our school community throughout the year.