The Ponytail Pact

The Ponytail Pact is a fundraising event helping kids who are suffering with a long term disease or hardship. We aim to raise awareness, participation and funds for Variety, the children’s charity- Hair with Heart. Hair that is donated will be made into wigs for children who are suffering from hair loss due to their illness or treatments.

Many people can cut their hair and it doesn’t feel like such a big deal because it will grow back so fast, but for kids who lose their hair because of a disease or treatment it can be very big deal. It is hard to imagine losing something as precious as your hair and not being able to grow it back. You don’t realize how much your hair becomes a part of you until you lose it. Donating your hair is a very personal and special gift that you will give and will mean so much to the child receiving it.

We want to encourage everyone with a ponytail (students, teachers, parents, family, friends and neighbours) to cut your hair. To be eligible to participate, your hair has to have a minimum length of 35.5cm from where you want to cut. It cannot have any perms, chemicals or dyes, and can only have a few grey hairs (unless it is completely grey). (Full instructions available at If you cannot meet these requirements then you can help support the cause by growing your hair over the holidays and participating in next year’s Ponytail Pact. To further support our cause you can donate directly to the Ponytail Pact fundraising page.

The haircut can be done outside of school and your clean, plaited ponytail can be placed in a Ziplock bag with your completed “Hair donors form” and placed in the “Ponytail Pact” collection box at the office until Tuesday 17th December. “Hair donor forms” are available at the school reception or online at Please note, all students must have written parental consent to participate in the Ponytail Pact.

To launch the event, a special assembly will be held on Monday 2nd December at Malvern Primary School. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Amy Goode at

Show them you care and cut your hair! It’s time to act, join the Ponytail Pact!!