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 4th December 9:10am Staffroom

Trivia Night

Dear MPS community,


On Friday 15th November Malvern Primary hosted our inaugural Trivia Night Fundraising event in the school’s Rec Centre to raise money for a much needed upgrade to our school library. 

The event attracted close to 200 parents who enjoyed participating in a well-planned and entertaining 90’s theme trivia game conducted by Assistant Principal, Dean Napier.

Many laughs were had and friendships made or strengthened, a fine example of what community is all about. We certainly enjoyed spending time chatting to many of the wonderful parents at our school.

The event was truly successful on all levels but most importantly, it achieved its goal of raising funds for the upgrade of the school library which we look forward to sharing more details on the plans soon.

None of this would have been possible without the support of our sponsors - their generosity means we can provide an inviting space for the children to ‘love literature’ – the foundation of learning. For their support, we are truly grateful. We are really excited about bringing this important space to life and cannot wait to share it with you all and most importantly with the children of Malvern Primary School.

So to our sponsors and supporters, thank you so much, we are enormously grateful.


PA Kids Disco Party

MPS Parents Association would like to help the kids celebrate the end of the school year by hosting a Kids Disco Party in the Junior Hall on Thursday 12th December.

Grade Prep - Grade 2 at 4:30pm - 5:30pm followed by Grade 3 - Grade 5 at 6pm - 7:30pm.

Some parents and teachers will be supervising so drop off and pick up is fine. Please make sure your child brings their own water bottle. No food provided so please give your kids a snack prior to the disco.


Many thanks

MPS Parents Association