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Scholastic BOOK FAIR



Malvern Primary School is excited to announce a Christmas Book Fair which is designed to give our students access to more books they want to read, from relevant new-releases to classic award winners. This compliments our reading philosophy of children choosing their own ‘JUST RIGHT’ books for themselves. As your children grow, book fairs make it easy to be sure their home libraries grow with them. Since all proceeds benefit our school, parents can rest assured that their children’s classroom libraries will be growing as well. All profits from this Book Fair will go directly to each child’s classroom libraries. Scholastic are very generous to donate a huge 20% of all profits back to the School.

Students, parents and teachers love Book Fairs for a number of reasons, including:

  • it being an exciting event that engages children in books/reading and promotes literacy;
  • having access to the best range of hand selected books from over 50 publishers worldwide;
  • the books are affordable and suit every reading level and interest;
  • the event is a fun opportunity for children to see, touch and connect with books they want to read;
  • generous commissions apply to each order, every book sold at the Book Fair earns free books for your school and classroom library.

So please get behind this worthwhile event, as we know you will, which runs from

28th Nov – 5th Dec

  • The books will be located in the Community Room and children will be given a flyer as well as a wish list to fill in for the books they would like to purchase.
  • Look out for other times that you as a parent can come in and look at the books to help your children make their book selections and purchase books.
  • There will also be a few ‘SECRET SANTA” times that parents will be able to shop ‘child free’.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Scholastic Book Club and of your child’s classroom library.

Andrea Quinn and Will Postill