Information for Home

At Home Tasks

The Department of Education has set a maximum time of 30 minutes homework each week night from Year 1 through to Year 4.


Of this 30 minutes, at least 20 minutes is to be reading. Supervised reading, be it reading aloud, shared reading or being read to by an adult will greatly strengthen so many areas of your child’s literacy development.

Children are able to select books from school, however books from home and the local library are also a very valuable resource.


The next step with home tasks will commence in Term Two. This will involve a weekly home task which reviews a spelling  or grammar focus, inquiry unit or maths task.


News Reports will also commence. These will be timetabled two or three times per term.


Fruit Time


Fruit Time takes place during the morning. We encourage your child to bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable as well as a water bottle. This is for water only please. Don’t forget a healthy snack for playtime as well.