Children participate in a one hour Maths lesson each day. The areas covered throughout the year are:


- Number & Algebra

- Measurement & Geometry

- Statistics & Probability


This includes a tuning in session followed by a whole group session where the focus and concepts are introduced and modelled.


Children then participate in group activities which are planned to teach and strengthen each child’s specific maths skills and understandings.


The teacher also works with individuals or a particular group to consolidate or extend their  understandings of the given concept.


Students are encouraged to develop their  understandings through directed play, games and real life experiences. This enables children to make links with their learning and develop a positive attitude to Maths.


Concepts to be introduced, consolidated and extended in Year 2:

· Place value of numbers from 0 to 1000 (and possibly beyond).

· Ordering numbers and counting to 1000 by 1s, 10s and 100s.

· Skip counting by 2s, 3s, 4s and 5s from 0 to 1000 starting from any natural number.

· Ordering money amounts in dollars and cents and     carrying out simple money calculations.

· Describing simple fractions.

· Adding and subtracting one and two-digit numbers by using a range of strategies.

· Describing and calculating simple multiplication and  division using a range of strategies.

· Identifying attributes of two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes and grouping these according to a given criteria.

· Drawing simple two-dimensional shapes by hand and  using drawing tools and geometry software.

· Specifying location as a relative position and interpreting simple diagrams and maps.

· Describing and comparing measurements of length,

area, volume, mass and time using informal and formal  units.

· Identifying different units of time.

· Creating graphs and interpreting data.