New Production Dates:

Thursday 15th and Friday 16th of October! 

We are excited to announce that we have rescheduled the dates for our school performance of Aladdin Jr. Please place these dates in your Term Four calendar for Week Two.  We are excited to be working towards providing this opportunity for our students.

Our Main Cast for Aladdin Jr.

I would like to congratulate all of these children on their hard work and dedication to their roles. We are so proud of you all and look forward to continuing our rehearsals together.


Unfortunately not all children were present on our photo day in Term One, all photos will be retaken at a later date. 


Full Aladdin Jr. Cast 2020! 

The Genie - Nathan L

Aladdin - Ashton V

Jasmine - Claire M

Sultan - Josh W

Jafar - Phoebe R

Iago - Sharni H

Babkak - Addy R

Omar - Nicholas L

Kassim - Ebony C

Abu - Charlie G

Akeem - Jenna A 

Isir - Hayley O

Manal - Tahlia J

Rajah - Lacey S

Mena - Delilah P

Zahara - Dusty M 

Razoul - Cooper F

Guards - Toby M and William H

Beggars - Jacob M, Logan R and Charlie B

Apple Vendor - Isabella B 

Fortune Teller - Justyce T

Shop Owner - Abby M 

Prince Abdulah - Archer B

Prince Abdulah's Guards - Hugh B and Campbell M 

Dance Leaders - Ella W, Jenna A, Skyla O, Brianna M, Emily W and Rebekah H (more to come, some auditions are being finalised). 


Congratulations Everyone!