Feel Good Stories

On-site Learning for Hope T


Last week we featured a story on Hope for her leadership, lovely nature and big smile while learning on-site.


Remote Learning for Malachi B


As we entered this week, we begun a new experience of starting our video calls to students. The remote learning experience can certainly feel isolated and present numerous challenges, but I know that our staff were really excited about seeing their students again.




Malachi was the first student from Room 12 to experience the Webex learning conference and was able to connect successfully at the proposed time and discuss his work he was completing for the day with his classroom teacher, Emily. They were able to have a positive and meaningful discussion and they both enjoyed connecting and seeing each other again. Although this week looks slightly different with the introduction of video chats, Malachi has been so positive and proactive in his attitude towards the changes we're all experiencing from the very beginning of remote learning. Malachi is always a happy and cheerful student at school and it’s been reassuring to Emily, as his teacher to see this continue at home. It is evident that he is working hard to be independent but also has fantastic support from family members.


Malachi has been working hard on improving his handwriting and is looking forward to presenting his work in a neat style when classes return. He embraced the Anzac unit set by Emily and has really enjoyed the obstacle courses he creates when doing his PE lessons.


Thank you to all our families for your patience, support and amazing attitude as we continue to adapt how our remote learning looks.


Please make sure to reach out or ask myself about any support you need as we know there can be challenges.


Stay Safe!

Mr Searl

MRPS Wellbeing Tip

Being stuck at home with everyone is not easy. It is okay if you are finding yourself wishing you could just be alone. Being in close proximity with others can make us feel pent up and unable to relax.


Luckily, one reason we can go outside is for exercise. So, use one of the essentials reasons to leave the house and go for a walk. It doesn't matter if it's only a short walk just around your local neighbourhood.


You can make your walk even more fun by trying to find as many teddy bears as possible in people's windows. Walking, being outside and noticing our surroundings all have wonderful positive effects on our Wellbeing.


P.S. Don't forget you can also put a teddy in your front window. It could help brighten up someone else's day when they're are out for a walk.


Take care and stay safe,

Jesse Winter – School Chaplain