Students of the Week

The following students will receive their certificates by post during Remote Learning:


Mia J (PA) - For the wonderful work she has been doing throughout Remote Learning. Mia works hard to ensure she always tries her Personal Best and I have loved seeing all the wonderful things she does at home on her Well-Being Wednesdays. Keep it up, Mia.

Jackson (PA) - For doing amazing work at being able to blend his phonemes. It has been wonderful to see Jackson begin to read with fluency. He is a super reader! Keep it up.

Wally V (PA) - For the way he has participated in WebEx sessions and small groups. Wally comes with a big smile on his face and ready to share all his ideas. He is a kind and caring boy and we are super lucky to have him in PA.

Ryker O (PB) – For working hard and showing determination to learn his phonemes. Ryker is trying his Personal Best and we are thrilled with the results he is achieving. We love hearing his news during our WebEx chats too. Keep up the fantastic effort, Ryker!  

Audrey R (PB) – For working diligently and independently to complete her work. We are always impressed when we see Audrey’s submissions and the efforts she is displaying when trying her best. Audrey is zooming through her sight words and she should be very proud of what she is achieving with her reading. Well done, Audrey! 

Zoe N (12A) -  For writing such a thoughtful reply letter to Arfy. Zoe, your letter included several wonderful reasons and you really thought about the perspective of the children in the Honeywell family. Well done.

Cooper R (12A) - For taking the extra steps to edit his writing and improve his capital letters and spelling. Cooper, it’s lovely to see you putting in your Personal Best and practising this important skill. Keep it up, SUPERSTAR!

Matisse M (12B) - For sharing what is happening in her home life during remote learning. Matisse brightens our day with photos of her dog ‘Princess Izzy’, drawings she has done and presents she received for her birthday. Matisse is also doing her Personal Best to improve her spelling by learning her coloured words. Fantastic effort, Matisse!

Zephyr A (12B) - For consistently joining his WebEx guided reading session and actively participating whether part of a group or by himself. Zephyr has been engaged in his remote learning tasks and been vocal during class meetings sharing his understandings and annotating when asked. Keep up the great work, Zephyr!

Rudra S (12C) -  For showing fantastic Personal Best and Mutual Respect values during guided reading, illustrations and WebEx meetings! Amazing work, Rudra!

Ava J (12C) -  For always having a bright smile on her face and presenting ALL of the TRIBES values in her learning including the acknowledgement of others in their achievements! Amazing work, Ava!

Oscar R (34A) - For working hard to improve his handwriting. I was so impressed with the effort you put in to make sure your persuasive piece was neatly written. Great work, Oscar! Keep it up!

Tayeb L (34A) - For giving tasks his Personal Best effort. I have been so impressed with the quality of your work during Remote Learning. Keep up the great work!

Thomas S (34B) - For having incredible expression when reading out loud. It is always so engaging hearing you read, you make the characters and story come to life. So inspiring. Keep it up!

Emma H (56A) - For a consistently wonderful approach to remote learning. The detail and effort you put into tasks is a skill to be incredibly proud of. You also engage in our daily Webex by asking questions and sharing ideas. Keep up the great learning. 

Cooper F (56A) -  For the efforts you put into your maths investigations in week 8. It was great to see all your working out and read your reflection on the tasks. Keep up the great learning. 

Abtin G (56B) – For always being such a happy and warm presence in our WebEx every morning, we all enjoy hearing your stories. You have been doing a great job with remote learning and demonstrating your skills with fractions and decimals. 

Caelan M (56B) – For setting such high standards for yourself and being so motivated to complete your learning tasks each day. It’s been great to see how hard you have been working across all areas and continuing to challenge yourself from home.

Caitlin G (56C) –For her outstanding work this week, in particular the very extensive job she did with her inquiry task on physical and chemical changes. Fantastic effort, Caitlin!

Loccy B (56C) – For his effort and diligence in completing the learning tasks at home and applying his Personal Best. Well done, Loccy!