2021 VCAL

The Year 10, 11 and 12 Outdoor Ed classes went to the 1000 steps last week in preparation of each of their upcoming hiking trips. All students did a great job completing the circuit, with some students putting in the extra effort by completing 2 laps.



Year 12 Camp

On Thursday 25th and Friday 26th March, the year 12 VCAL classes went to an overnight camp to Rosebud/McCrae. On the Thursday, the students travelled to The Enchanted Adventure Garden, Arthurs Seat, to enjoy the activities of the complex. Students discovered the beautiful mazes, the grounds and team building activities. Most of the students put themselves out of their comfort zone and went tree surfing. For some students, this was their first up in the trees and it was quite an exhilarating experience. Our more experienced tree climbers were very supportive of their peers and helped them through the various courses with such care and encouragement. We finished off our day on the tube slides. It was like a snow-free ski run, where students used brightly coloured tubes to slide and race down the slope. 

We then headed off to the McCrae foreshore, to set up camp for the night. Again, this was a first for some students. We were camping right next to the beach and surrounded by nature. After setting up camp and a walk down to the beach, we walked into Rosebud to get our tea. We sat on the beach, eating our food and watching the beautiful sunset. We then had a night walk back to the camp site.

In the morning, we played some team games on the beach, packed up camp and then headed back to school. Although the weather was not great on Thursday morning, the weather settled for the remainder of our trip and a great time was had by all. It was a perfect opportunity for develop relationships between the students and staff and for many, to try something new. 


Cultural Inclusion Day

On the last week of term, the year 12 VCAL students were involved in Cultural Inclusion Day. The students spent the term, investigating different cultures, cooking a number of different cultural dishes run by the staff and then planning a dish of their choice, to share with the Lyndhurst school community. The students needed to cook in bulk, working out the amount of ingredients and the costing for their dish. 

Students provided a number of dishes on the day including: sushi, chocolate balls, pasta, baklava, donuts and Lengua De Gato, a butter cookie. Some of our students also ran some cultural games for the students during the Cultural inclusion day lunchtime.

This activity is a true reflection of what VCAL is all about. Developing a plan, following a timeline, working as a team and then following it through to the end. Our students were amazed at how so many hours of work, were devoured by our hungry, appreciative students, in such a very short time on the day.