Family Engagement

Community and Family Engagement

Families accessing the farm, please ensure to lock the gate behind you if you are the last to leave.  This will ensure that equipment and bikes remain secure. Thank you 


Community Leaders (5-6)


Dear Families & carers,

We hope you are having a wonderful week! In the upcoming weeks some of the yr 6's will be making their confirmation. Please keep them in your prayers.



The 27th of May marks the start of Reconciliation Week. This year's theme is “To Be Brave & Make a Change” In our Hubs, we will be exploring how we can be brave so that we can work towards making a change? 



One such way that we are making an impact is through the Kalbarr Project. As you all know we have started collecting books for this project. So far each hub has collected: 3-4 Hub has a high total of 96, the 1 hub has 29, Staff room has 19, Prep with 16 & the 2 hub has collected 5 👏 

In 2 weeks we have collected 165 in total! What a great effort!!

Let’s see if we can hit 300 by the next newsletter!

  • Vivan H, Isabella O & behalf of the community leaders. 


Community Conversation 

We have had a great response to our upcoming Community conversation! We understand that the timing of this CC won’t suit everyone, and will ensure that future CC’s are on different days and times so that we can capture as many voices and perspectives as possible.


Keen your eyes out for a survey of the questions / prompts that we will be discussing on the day, to invite you to share your voice if you are unable to attend.



Farm working bee

Thank you to our fabulous volunteers for taking the time to help us beautify our beloved Farm; Toby, Jackie, Erin, Amanda, Joel, Carly, Enny, Ermina and Naomi. We have removed the chicken coop, as per the veterinarian’s recommendation. Over the next couple of weeks, we will purchase and erect a new chicken coop. 

Stay tuned for another working bee towards the end of term!


If you have any ideas or queries about Family Engagement, please feel free to contact Dani!


Daniela De Luca

Family Engagement Leader