A message from Emily

Principal – St John's Footscray

Dear Parent and Carers,


It was great to see many parents supporting the working bee at the Farm last Friday with Dani and Andrew. With the removal of the chicken coup we can now begin a new exciting project in partnership with VCAL students and children from St John's in constructing a new chicken coup. 

We are very excited about the acoustic panelling that is currently being installed in the hall. This will reduce the echo and noise bouncing around in this space. It will also mean when we gather together for assembly or prayer in this space that we can all see and enjoy what's happening without the sound vibrating around the roof.


On Monday 30th May at 9am we have invited parents to a Community Conversation to listen and discuss your thoughts and wonderings. All parents are invited to be a part of this conversation. This will be the first of many opportunities. We will also offer other ways to reach parents, as we know not all are available at this time. Dani will advertise different times and some online options to allow parents to join us in conversations, so please keep an eye out for these opportunities. I also encourage you to check out the other tabs to this newsletter for ways we are looking to engage with the community especially in celebration of our 100 years.


It's hard to believe that we are almost halfway through the term. Educators are in the midst of preparing student reports and moderating learning progress. We will be sending home information around booking a Learning Conversation for this term in a separate email. This will involve a three-way conversation where your child will have an opportunity to share their learning and what they have been working on.


I also remind families who have siblings due to start Prep in 2023 to put an application in ASAP to avoid disappointment. We already have more applications than places we can offer so we want to make sure all our current families are accounted for. Thank you to families who have submitted their applications, you will be receiving an email on how to book for an interview this week.


Thank you to drivers who are making an effort to not congest the streets during end of the day pick up. Just a couple of reminders that we ask ALL cars to turn left out of the back gates even if it appears clear to turn right and that we will close the back gates at 3:25pm especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays when staff need to attend meetings. Any children who have not been collected by 3:25pm will be supervised in the Office. We will then contact parents of children not collected by 3:30pm. We thank you for your partnership as we work together to keep everyone safe.


Congratulations to Year 3 and Year 5 children who completed their NAPLAN assessments over the last two weeks. Assessments like NAPLAN can cause nervousness and anxiety but it was great to see the calmness that both children and Educators displayed during this time. Parents usually receive a report on their child's NAPLAN results during August.


Warm wishes,