Secondary School

2022 "A Whole New World" Ball

A big thank you to those parents who have dropped off items for this year’s Ball. These donated items are already going a long way towards this year’s Ball preparation and are very much appreciated.


Please note that new items have been added to our wish list so please continue to review the updated list to see if you can support us with these basic everyday items which can be dropped off at College Admin anytime during the school week. 



Cash Donations

Another way parents can support this year’s Ball is by providing a cash donation which we will use for our more expensive items. To make a donation, please click here.


All cash donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged in our weekly newsletter. A big thank you to the below sponsors who have already provided significant contributions towards our Ball so far:

  • Carlo and Dianne De Santis - Puma Belmont
  • Brendan Maine
  • Patrick Murphy - MGC Civil
  • Olivia Ostaszewskyj  - O ENTERTAINMENT
  • Tom Parker - Amalgam Recruitment
  • Stephen Pearce
  • Andrew Robertson
  • Charles Soh
  • Wedstyle

For more information, please contact Gabrielle Murphy at or 0412 080 283.


Gabrielle Murphy

Ball Coordinator

Prefect Perspectives 

Exams have officially commenced for the Year 11 and 12 students at the College! Throughout the week a variety of senior exams were completed with boys putting pen to paper for up to 3 hours. Each senior student has been working for weeks for these exams and I am sure everyone will get the result they have worked for! A special thanks goes to Ms Marocchi who organised a ‘Little Box of Strength’ for the year 12 students to wish them good luck on their exams and recognise their resilience through the peak of COVID-19.


The Aquinas fixture proved difficult for our First Sporting teams this week with Rugby and Badminton the only teams to get the win. Our First teams will look to bounce back against the strong Hale School in an away fixture this Saturday!


The downpour of rain on Monday proved to be too much for the drains around Trinity College. The Year 12’s were greeted with overflowing drains as they walked out of their ATAR English Exam, rain bucketing down onto the college, a gentle reminder that Winter is truly on its way. The rain not only flooded the parts of the College, but lockers too. My buddy Koby Ashford and Myself were presented with soaking wet lockers on Monday morning. A migration of lockers kept us safe from the rest of the rain that occurred during the week!


There are still many exams to occur in Week Six which each senior student will be looking forward to completing. An exciting time for the Year 12 students as they complete their last ever set of semesters 2 exams. Week 6 also looks to be an exciting week for our Year 9 students as they begin Ballroom dancing with the Year 9 students at Mercedes College. The boys will have 3 sessions learning a variety of dances before the final social on the 23rd of July.


Good luck to the Year 11 and 12 Boys on the rest of their exams!


Luca Gosatti

Faith Prefect