What are the students doing? 

Que font les élèves ?

Grade 1 and 2 Contribution

In Year 1, we have revised seasons and months, and we created a calendar for our classroom! This will help us know the date and remember important events, such as birthdays or excursions.


En CP, nous avons révisé les saisons et les mois, et nous avons créé un calendrier pour notre classe ! Cela va nous aider à nous repérer dans le temps et à nous souvenir des évènements importants, comme les anniversaires ou les sorties.



Grade 1/2 students have been learning about Australian money. They found various ways to make $1, $2, $5, and $10 using coins and notes. Students worked in small groups to create their own shops where they designed products to sell and created a menu showing the amounts for each item. When the shops opened, students loved going around purchasing items from their peers’ shops as well as selling their own items. They enjoyed calculating the total amount and finding out if any change was needed.