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Respectful Relationships

Respectful Relationships was first implemented as a pilot program in various schools around Victoria. The findings for the evaluation trial showed the program had positive impacts on student’s attitudes, knowledge and skills and showed the beginnings of change in school policies, culture and ethos.

The findings also highlighted that to build respect and equity into the cultural makeup of a school means looking beyond the curriculum and taking a whole-school approach. This means going beyond ​curriculum delivery alone, to create more gender equal and respectful attitudes, behaviours, structures and practices across the school culture.

Here are some thoughts from the teachers who participated in the trial program:

Here is an update of the topics and units that each Learning Community is currently exploring:

Year Prep -  feeling excited

Year 1/2 - similarities and differences

Year 3/4 - my individuality; the many facets of me

Year 5/6 -  the stress arousal curve, how to recognise stress in our bodies

Update from the Year 5/6 Community

In the Year 5/6 Community the students have been learning about character strengths and and the kinds of actions that match those particular strengths. 

The students chose a strength such honesty, courage, fairness or determination and, in a small group, created a short role play to demonstrate that strength in action. Here are a few snapshots of their role plays. 

Year 5 Kindergarten Visit

Last Friday another group of our Year 5 students walked over to Dickory Dock, our local kindergarten, to spend some time with the children. Siobhan, Jett, Kevin and Amelie had a great time making solar system crowns and playing in the sandpit. The kindergarten children were sad to see us go. Here are a few photos from our visit.



Miss Melanie Larkin

Student Wellbeing Leader