From the Principal's Desk

Before School Care

A reminder that Before School Care is available every morning commencing at 7:00 am.  We ask all families to register with OSHClub so that you can access the service if emergencies arise.


Please remember that no children are to arrive at school prior to 8:30 am when a teacher will be on supervision duty in the playground. Children may enter their Learning Areas at 8:45 am to unpack their bags and greet their teachers.   

Big Breakfast

As a celebration and welcome to the new school year we have organised a Big Breakfast for Tuesday 19th February commencing at 8:00am.


All families are welcome to join us for breakfast in the central courtyard and feast upon a range of pastries, fruit, sausages, juice and coffee (a Coffee Van will be on site). It will be a time to catch-up, meet new people and just enjoy the new year. The event will be hosted in conjunction with our PFA. We hope to see you all there!


Our guest of honour will be Mr Hyde who is very keen to come along and see everyone!


We will be asking for a gold coin donation (per person) which we will be collecting for Project Compassion as our first Social Justice action for the year.

Fees and Levies 2019

Invoices for Fees and Levies for 2019 will be emailed  to all families on Thursday 14th February. Money raised from the collection of fees and levies allows us to offer our extra-curricula activities such as: Mathletics Program, Swimming Program, Dance Program, Interschool Sports Program, excursions and so on as well as covering all stationery requirements for students, classroom and program supplies/resources.


Private income raised from levies also assists with the constant upgrading of systems and programs, funding of capital works, maintenance of our buildings as well as the school environment. 


It is important that all families be prepared to meet this financial commitment. Our policy, in keeping with that of the CECV, recognises that some families face difficulties and as such consideration or concession may be given. If any family finds themselves in this situation, they are asked to contact me via the school office.


As per information sent to all families last year our Fee and Levy Structure for 2019 is as follows:


The Individual Pupil Levy (Curriculum Levy): $460.00 payable before 28th February, 2019


School (Family) Fees: $1350.00 -

Term 1 Instalment: $450 due by 5th April 2019

Term 2 Instalment: $450 due by 28th June 2019

Term 3 Instalment: $450 due by 20th September 2019


Capital Levy: $100.00 payable by 28th June 2019.    


Alternatively, you can set up periodic payments through your bank account with the total payable by 20th September 2019. This may be a really feasible and manageable way for families to account fee and levy obligations.


Please be advised that families who hold a valid Health Care Card for the 2019 year will also receive $175 rebate from the school in addition to the Camp, Sports and Excursion Fund (CSEF) government rebate currently at $125 per primary aged child. New applications for the CSEF can be collected from the school office or are available to download from the school website. These are due to the office by 28th February. Families who received CSEF assistance last year do not need to fill out a new application unless details have changed.

Car Park

Since we have a number of new families commencing at Corpus Christi School this year I thought it timely to revisit school ‘drop off’ and ‘pick-up’ procedures. Families can use either end of the school to drop off and collect their children.  However it is of utmost importance that all families adhere to the parking restrictions within the school car park and surrounding streets.


In the front car park, parking IS ONLY PERMITTED in designated parking bays and ‘Keep Clear’ areas and No Standing areas must be kept clear. There is NO ‘drop-off’ zone. Cars must be parked in the designated bays.


If the car park is full it will be necessary for people to park outside the school grounds and walk in to collect their child. Children are not permitted to walk unattended through the car park.


If dropping off or collecting your children from the Ormond Road entrance of the school, basic road laws and common sense prevails.


Please do not double park, perform 3-point turns in the street or allow your children to enter/exit cars unless you have pulled up at the kerb. Children are not permitted to cross Ormond Road by themselves. Parents are to collect their children from the gate.


The No Stopping signs outside our gate must be observed at all times!


These rules are put into place to ensure the safety of our children! You may also like to consider arriving for pick-up just after 3:30 pm so as to miss the ‘peak hour’ traffic.



No children (including toddlers) are to play on the Adventure Playground before or after school.


A reminder that we use CareMonkey for collecting medical information for students, communicating excursions, gathering permissions and so on.  It provides parents the opportunity to update medical information promptly and accurately while providing the school with instant access to the emergency information provided by you.


All new parents would have already received an invitation to join CareMonkey, via email, and enter details for your child/children.  By following the instructions, you can create your own free CareMonkey account and control all data about your child/children. It’s really easy to use. You just need to monitor your email account regularly for school communicated excursions and ‘grant permission’ where necessary.

Wrapper Free School

Just a reminder that through a student initiative implemented in 2014 to become more sustainable as a school and to reduce waste, we are striving to become a Wrapper Free School. Students are encouraged to make their lunch boxes wrapper free and to bring lots of ‘nude food’ to school. Rubbish bins have been removed from the eating area and any non-paper wrappers or waste the children have will be placed in their lunch boxes and returned home. This will also encourage us to eat healthier…because if it’s packaged… it’s probably not as good for you. We encourage families to use small re-usable containers to store food items within lunchboxes.


All children have the opportunity to return lunch boxes and containers to their classroom once they’ve finished eating and before going to play. Clean paper (e.g. paper lunch bags) can be placed in the recycled paper bins.

Sharing of Food

It is important to remind all children and families that at no time should children be sharing food with other children during eating times. We have a number of children with food allergies so, for the safety of all, we ask all families to reiterate the importance, with their children, of not sharing food with others.


Throughout the year, children may bring lolly bags to school to share with their classmates to celebrate their birthday; however we ask that these be distributed by the class teacher at home time and are only eaten with the permission of parents. Please do not bring cakes to school.

Another New Staff Member

We are very pleased to welcome Miss Letitia Hyde to our staff. Letitia has joined us in the role of a Learning Support Officer. Welcome to Corpus Christi Letitia!


A reminder that at no stage are parents/adults permitted to enter the student toilets. Access is however available to the disabled toilet.


Please note that it is a requirement that parents notify the school (preferably in writing) of all instances when their child may be absent for all or part of a day. This can be easily done via our school app. Alternatively you can contact the school office by phone to report an absence. Please notify us of absences prior to 9:30 am. 




Have a wonderful week.


God bless

Jane Wilkinson

Acting Principal