Student Awards 

Student of the Week - 27/11/2020

01A - Makaya - For being a kind and considerate classmate. In maths this week you happily helped your peers. Keep it up!

01J - Eloise - For excellent work during class activities this week, and for working hard to improve her place value skills during M.A.B math’s activities.  

Well done Eloise! 

12R - Brooke - For a great effort when she was learning how to do vertical addition. Well done Brooke! 

23C - Liam - Fantastic work extending yourself in Mathematics this week. You are having a go and challenging yourself. Keep up the great work.

34S - Matty - A brilliant week, showing all our school values every day! Great work Matty! 

34W – Carley - What an amazing year you are having as a learner. Superb writing, listening attentively and expanding your numeracy skills. Super effort Carley. 

56H - Madalyn - For committing to your maths tasks by showing understanding of your times tables and displaying leadership skills while helping in Science. 

56S - Holly - For participating enthusiastically and constructively in all the Life Ed activities. You worked cooperatively with your group listening to the comments of others and you also shared and explained your thoughts appropriately! A fantastic effort!  

Science - Matty - For great work for the topic of Physics – Balloon Powered Helicopters. This student worked to the best of his ability and assisted the teacher to clean up afterwards. 

Art - Emily - For an excellent Art lesson this week. Your ‘bugs in the grass’ work was very well done and you did a great job helping with the clean up. This was very helpful. Well done Emily.

Values - Taesharn - For modelling all of the school values and for assisting younger students in the school. This student assisted with a junior class to help students reach their full potential. 

Reader of the Week - 27/11/2020

01A - Isabella - For making the most of your read to self-time. You always put in a lot of effort and should be very proud of your improvement. Well done!

01J - Samuel - For sounding out words when reading, and for working hard to write sentences about his thoughts when reading in class. 

12R - Elijah - For always staying focused during read-to-self. 

23C - Poppy - You are becoming more confident with your reading and developing your fluency. Great work!

34S - Arianna - The wonderful focus and enjoyment you show when your nose is stuck in the Ickabog! (I’m looking forward to reading it myself!) 

34W – Ella - For discovering the power of reading. You are truly hooked on books and to the places they take you! 

56H  - Jade - For being committed to your reading 

56S - Lily - For always reading and engaging in a range of interesting, appropriate books! 


Student of the Week - 04/12/2020

0/1A - Phoebe - For consistently working hard in all areas of your learning. You eagerly get on with all tasks and create lovely work. Well done! 

0/1J - Annie - For excellent work during class activities this week, and for working hard to improve her spelling during writing tasks.  Well done Annie! 

1/2R - Ayla - For always approaching her learning with a cheerful smile. 

2/3C - Urijah - For a much-approved attitude to learning this week. It is fantastic to see you contribute to classroom discussions and extend your knowledge with your peers. Keep it up! 

3/4S - Angus - An excellent all-round week, including fantastic canoeing on the Goulburn River and really super participation at Kyabram Fauna Park! 

3/4W - Riley - Well done re-setting and taking control of your learning at school and on the excursion. Great to see! 

5/6H - Cooper Th. - For being kind and trying hard when completing classroom tasks and activities. Well done Cooper! 

5/6S - Jacinta - You showed great leadership as you guided and assisted other students through a range of activities. During group and class discussion, you listened, asked sensible questions and made appropriate comments. A fantastic effort! 

Science - Indy - This week’s Science award goes to a student who always participates fully during classroom learning activities, asks fantastic and insightful questions and assists others in the class. This week’s Science award goes to Indy Lourens. 

Art - Carley - For an excellent ‘Keith Haring Bottle’, created in Art this week. You always work to the best of your ability in Art. Well done Carley. 

Music - Marshall - For ALWAYS listening, thinking and doing great things in Music. You have a great ear for music and thoughtful and creative interpretations. Well done Marshall. 

Values - Olivia - This student is a quiet achiever who always participates well in class, assists the teachers, completes set work and helps others. This week’s values award goes to Olivia. 

Reader of the Week - 04/12/2020

01A - Addi - For always making the most of reading time. It is clearly improving your reading! 

01J - Dylan - For sounding out words when reading, and for working hard to try new words. Great work Dylan! 

12R - Jake - For being an enthusiastic reader! 

23C - Zavier A. - For developing your reading and comprehension skills so well this term. Great achievement. 

34S - Cooper - The great attitude you have towards reading which has led to great progress in decoding and comprehension.  

34W - Dean - For developing amazing reading skills this year. Well done! 

56H  - Noah - For reading a variety of interesting texts. 

56S - Marli - For always choosing appropriate and interesting books to read. You work diligently during reading comprehension tasks and show a very good understanding of the text you are reading.