This year NAPLAN will be held in March. All NAPLAN is now completed online, except the grade 3 writing assessment. The writing assessment could be a narrative or persuasive piece of writing. Grade 3 and 5's are given the same writing prompt.

NAPLAN starts from the 15th March. You will be notified as to when SJV will be conducting each of the tests shortly.

What can I do to support my child?

Students are not expected to study for NAPLAN. You can support your child by reassuring them that NAPLAN is a part of their school program and reminding them to simply do their best. Some familiarisation and explanation of NAPLAN is useful to help students understand and be comfortable with the format of the tests. Teachers will ensure students are familiar with the types of questions in the tests and will provide appropriate support and guidance. ACARA does not recommend excessive preparation for NAPLAN or the use of services by coaching providers. See the types of questions and tools available in the online NAPLAN assessments at the public demonstration site.


If you have any questions or concerns about your child completing NAPLAN or you wish for your child not to  be withdrawn NAPLAN, please email or organise to speak with Jenny Willmott by February 28th.