The Summer Interschool Sport Program will commence from Friday 24th February 2023.


Congratulations to Lachlan H (Grade 6BS) & Jackson H (Grade 3RM) who attended the State Relay Championships on Saturday 4th February.

In what was an incredible performance on the day, between them, they took home 3 medals: U12 Boys Medley Relay, U12 Boys 4 x 100m Relay& U9 Mixed 4 x 200m Relay.


Can’t wait to see what you can both do at our upcoming Greenhills House Aths Carnival!


If your child achieves something special (grand final win, most valuable player award, best and fairest etc.), please email me ( through photos and an overview of the achievement to post in Contact. It is important to celebrate and recognise such successes with the school community.



Thank you, 

Jordan Daley                                                                                               







CSEF is provided by the Victorian Government to assist eligible families to cover the costs of school trips, camps and sporting activities. If you hold a valid means-tested concession card or are a temporary foster parent, you may be eligible for CSEF. A special consideration category also exists for asylum seeker and refugee families. The allowance is paid to the school to use towards expenses relating to camps, excursions or sporting activities for the benefit of your child.


The annual CSEF amount per student is: $125 for primary school students. 



New applicants should complete the attached form or contact the school office to obtain a copy. If you applied for CSEF at GHPS in 2022, you do not need to complete an application form this year unless there has been a change in your family circumstances. You only need to complete an application form if any of the following changes have occurred:

  • new student enrolments; your child has started or changed schools this year.
  • changed family circumstances; such as a change of custody, change of name, concession card number, or new siblings commencing this year.

 Check with the school office if you are unsure. Applications need to be submitted no later than 23rd June 2023. Any queries, contact the office.



Term 1 Week 3 - Presented at Assembly 24th February

Emmi EPrep BHCongratulations Emmi on a wonderful start to school. You're a fantastic role model for the students in our grade. I absolutely love having you in Prep BH. Looking forward to having a wonderful year together!
AlbyPrep BZCongratulations Alby on a GREAT start to Prep! You are such a kind, helpful and enthusiastic addition to Prep BZ, and I can’t wait to watch you shine this year!
Hayden MPrep SMFor a GREAT start to Prep! I am so lucky to have you in PSM, you are always showing you best manners, helping out and being brave to make new friends. Well done, Hayden!
Hugh O1GCFor being a creative member in the classroom. Hugh, you are always bringing a smile to mine, and your classmates faces with how incredibly you transform something boring into something amazing!
Ashton A1JCThank you for always entering the classroom with enthusiasm and readiness to learn. Our classroom is so lucky to have you!
Ava1KOFor sharing her huge smile with the class each morning and always being ready for every learning challenge. What a superstar you are Ava!
Xavier S2ADFor being such a handy helper in the classroom! You are such a kind, caring and considerate classmate. We are lucky to have you!
Savannah S2JMFor being a lovely student who listens well, is very polite and produces great work. She is becoming more vocal in the classroom as she becomes more confident. Well done!
Jack A2LOFor always coming into the classroom ready to take on the day with a positive mindset! Jack, you are a ray of sunshine, and we are very lucky to hear your amazing ideas during our classroom discussions. Well done!
Kian A2SHFor such a fantastic start to the year! Kian, I love the way your start each day with such a big, bright smile and loads of enthusiasm! Your curiosity towards all you do is contagious, especially in your Maths and STEAM. Well done buddy!
Opal B3AKOpal, we are SO LUCKY to have you in our grade. You are a supportive, respectful and caring member of our class and a wonderful friend. Thank you for being YOU!
Kaiden P3MHFor being GREAT! Well done for showing our Greenhills GREAT values. You are a wonderful role model for our class Kaiden! I love your effort and determination to always do your best. Thank you for being such a thoughtful and helpful class member. You are AWESOME!
Tyra K3RMFor being GREAT! Well done for showing our Greenhills GREAT values. Tyra is a fabulous team member, always positive and encouraging. Tyra help make 3RM a G.R.E.A.T place to be.
Isabella Z4DSFor the GRIT, EFFORT and ADVENTURE you demonstrate when practising mindfulness during out Smiling Minds sessions. Keep it up!
Ryan4IHFor staying focused and calm during our mindful Monday meditation sessions. Keep up the great work!
Hannah4JRHannah, I was so impressed with your incredible efforts at the swimming carnival last week. Well done on your participation, keep up the GREAT work.
Jack M4TWJack, I am very impressed with the way you have started the year and the fantastic choices you are making in the classroom.
Oscar T5BCOscar has started the year in such a positive way! I've loved getting to know him and have enjoyed his kind, polite and respectful nature.
Chelsea O5SMWe are so lucky to have you apart of the 5SM family Chelsea! Thank you for starting each and every day with a big smile on your face, ready and eager to learn. I am so proud of you.
Maddie A6BSFor being such a positive role model for Greenhills. Mads, your smile lights up our room and I love the energy and enthusiasm you bring each and every day. Thank you for being you!
Isaac H6LRFor the way he leads with maturity and a great attitude to learning. Well done Isaac, I know year 6 will be awesome!
Ivy B6TSIvy has made an excellent start to the school year. She approaches each day with a smile and is a brilliant role model to others. Thanks for always offering to help and support your peers!
Xavier B 2ADSTEAMFor his enthusiasm during our Geology sessions. Xavier has not only brought in his own collection of rocks but posed a range of really interesting questions about them. What a great start to STEAM Xavier!