Dear Families,

Yesterday Year 3-6 students participated in the Galilee Cross-Country at Murphy's Reserve, Port Melbourne. I thank the many parents who offered their assistance and gave up time to help Mr Tobin and the staff in attendance. All successful schools require support and involvement from the parent community. It was a terrific event and afterwards, Mr Tobin will use the results to select the team to represent Galilee at the Dendy Cross-Country Carnival on Friday May 19


Members of the staff Leadership Team will be working together this Monday to prioritise and plan for future initiatives that will benefit the learning of our students. Nearly all staff who hold leadership roles also teach in classrooms. However, professional learning to assist with new educational initiatives greatly benefits our students. At Galilee, we value school improvement linked to student learning but this requires time. It may be necessary for you to assist your child to manage having a different teacher on occasions but it can be seen as a valuable lesson in resilience.


Independence and resilience can be taught from a young age and is an important skill you can teach your child as they are growing up. Deciding when to intervene and when to empower your child to make their own decisions, is one of the hardest challenges faced by parents. Providing a loving and safe environment for your child will assist them in developing self-esteem and confidence. However, sometimes allowing to make their own mistakes (but assisting them to learn from them) can also be of benefit. Helping your child to be comfortable learning from their mistakes is a wonderful gift. Next time your child makes a mistake, rather than solving it for them you might try asking them for suggestions. 


NAPLAN testing will occur next week for students in Year 3 & 5 and below is a timetable for the week. Please note that students away from Tuesday to Thursday will have the opportunity to complete tests on Friday May 12, 2017.


Simon Millar

DOGS Night Tonight!

School Uniform

All students are now required to wear winter uniform.  If your child is out of uniform, please inform the class teacher via email or written note, with an explanation.  School hats are not required to be worn until Term Four.

The new uniform mentioned in last week's newsletter is not yet available at PSW.  PSW will be selling through the existing inventory.  Students will be permitted to wear the older styles through this transition phase.

However all obsolete items will not be re-ordered so once sold out, the new options will be available. 

Please ensure that your child wears complete uniforms and does not mix.


Please remember to have children at school by 8.50am to minimise distractions to other students and to maximise their learning. If arriving after 8.50am, students must be signed in at the school office before entering their classroom. Consider visiting your child's classroom on a Monday morning from 8:40-8:55am but please be punctual.

Book Launch

Kasey Edwards (mother at Galilee) will be launching her latest book Guilt Trip at Readings, 701 Glenferrie Road Hawthorn.

Bookings can be made via


Mother's Day

Premier's Reading Challenge

Information about the Premier's Reading Challenge has been sent home with your child either today or tomorrow.  You will need to indicate whether you give permission for your child to be registered by the school.  

The Challenge closes September 8.