Student Led Conferences

Thnakyou to the families (approximately 70%) who have booked for the Student-Led Conferences scheduled for Monday 26th June, 2pm - 7.30pm and Wednesday 28th June, 2pm - 5pm. If you are are yet to book, you are encouraged to do so as soon as possible to avoid missing out on a suitable time.

To log in and retrieve your PIN, you must use the email address the correspondence was sent to titled: 'Galilee Student Led Conferences'.

Music Soirees

We look forward to our upcoming Music Soirees from 5pm till approximately 7:30pm in the Hall on Tuesday June 20 (Drums & Vocal) and Wednesday June 21 (Violin, Keyboard & Guitar). Students who participate in our instrumental program will participate and receive a program from Anita closer to the event/s. 

We thank Anita for her coordination and the other instrumental teachers for their involvement.

Science Day

We have an exciting day coming up next Friday 23rd June, to celebrate Science. 

Supreme Incursions will be coming in for the whole day to run some 'silly science' activities for the whole school. Students will also complete science-based activities with their class teachers. Students may come to school dressed as 'mad scientists'. Thankyou to Miss Hart (STEAM Leader) who spoke to the students at this week's assembly. She encouraged students to come dressed as scientists. Parents are welcome to stay and watch the parade that will occur from 9am.

End of Term 2

Children will attend mass on Friday June 30 at Ss. Peter and Paul beginning 9.30am and all families are welcome to attend. 

Children will finish school at 1.30pm on this day.


When staff are away, we endeavour to employ CRTs (Casual Relief Teachers) who are familiar to our students, our school routines and educational practices (unless unavailable). The following are regular CRTs:

  • Anna Pertraca
  • Anna Reilly
  • Sophia Alex
  • Kingsley Hill
  • Helen Walker
  • Maria Panagiopoulos
  • Seona Martin

Miss Hart will be getting married over the school holidays and be away on Long Service Leave for Term Three. She will be replaced by Anna Reilly (M/T/W/F) with Mrs Ferris (Thursday).

Throughout Term Three Mrs Reilly will teach 2R on Thursdays  instead of Mrs Ferris when Mrs Reid is teaching Performing Arts.

The following staff will be away on Long Service Leave at the beginning  of Term Three to attend Miss Boyle's (taught at Galilee last year before returning to Ireland) wedding: Tegan (first 2 weeks) & Miss Evans (first 3 weeks) who will be replaced by Helen Walker.


Mr Coaley needs your help! He needs YOU to create a colourful poster to advertise Galilee's Cyber Safety Day on August 2nd. Classroom teachers have been given poster templates for students to take home today, and all entries must be given to the office OR Mr Coaley by Wednesday June 21st, recess! Remember, the winning entry receives a $50 iTunes gift card and the entry can be completed either on the computer or by hand! Students from Years 3-6 will be attending sessions throughout the day by Susan McLean (award winning Cybersafety expert) on different aspects of being safe on the internet. A parent session will be held on August 2nd from 7:00pm and attendance will be expected from families with students in Years 3-5 (all others also invited). Booking information will be in next week's newsletter. 

Galilee Information

A lot of information can be found on Galilee's website. You can keep up to date via the Parent Calendar, accessible on the front page of the website. Term overviews with teacher emails can also be found.

Click on the link to view Galilee's Uniform Policy, Fee Structure and Parent Information Book through our website:

XSPROFIX - Portable Expresso Machine

Galilee staff member, Helen Rochecouste is launching a Kickstarter project with her family. They have cleverly invented a world-first portable expresso machine that boils water using Nespresso coffee capsules, that can be taken anywhere. If you are interested in registering to purchase one, click on the following link:

Thankyou to Helen for the donation of a machine to Galilee.