Mrs Leanne Schulz

Busy End of Year

We are now at the very busy part of the year, as I am sure you are in your own workplace. Currently, all students are doing assessments, finishing off work, and enjoying their last few weeks with their class. For Year 5, it is thinking about being a Year 6 leader of Cumberland. For the current Year 6 cohort, it is about looking at the changes associated with moving into the next stage of schooling at Aitken College in Dunhelen and joining with another 90 new students.


If there is one constant in life, it is change and schools are safe places for students to experience and manage all of the things associated with change. 


For all students moving to the next year level, there will be some things that remain the same, while there will be some things that are different. The same group of fellow classmates and friends will be moving with them, they are in the same school, with the same rules and standards, but they may have a new teacher and a new combination of classmates. This process prepares them for the changes they will face throughout life, whether it be going to TAFE or University, a new job, leaving home, first flat, roommates, a new city…change is the constant. It is important for us, the people that care for, guide and coach these children, that we let them know we believe they can manage and cope with change.


Parents, I encourage you to help your child by embracing change and making it a positive experience for them. Creating class lists is a complex task that involves teachers balancing the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. Every effort is made to ensure that students learning needs and social needs are taken into consideration.

2020 Cumberland Captains

All Captain interviews have been conducted over the last few weeks. It has been a long process as there was an overwhelming number of applications. Electing captains is extremely difficult with so many strong contenders, so it is done by a panel of teachers. Krisy I and Antonio M, this year’s captains, have also played a part in the process. Letters will be sent home to the parents of successful applicants and the 2020 Captains for Cumberland will be announced at the final Assembly for the year. All students who applied were interviewed and conducted themselves confidently. Students are to be commended for writing their applications and showing a willingness to be a part of the Cumberland Leadership Team. Each student was told after their interview that they should be proud of participating in this process. I emphasised that these positions were highly sought after so if they did not get a position, they should always look for opportunities in the future to contribute to College life and to experiences that will help them to grow as a person.

2020 Year 7 Orientation Day

The Year 6 students attended the Year 7 Orientation Day on Thursday 14 November. The students spent the day meeting teachers and other students. They were given quick samplers of subjects to expect in Year 7. Transitioning into ‘High School’ can be an exciting time in a student’s life. Hopefully our current Year 6 students enjoyed the day, met some new friends and are looking forward to the changes ahead in 2020.

Junior Division – Aitken College Maths Olympiad

During Extension Maths classes this year, participating students competed in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads also known as APSMO. Roughly every month we competed in a contest consisting of five very challenging questions which we had thirty minutes to complete. After five contests had been completed and a few weeks had passed we had the results of the competition. The Year 5/6 team were in the top 25% of teams competing.

Darcy M 5K


Congratulations to all students for participating in this year’s Olympiads and to the entire team for achieving a score within the top 25% of team scores!

Suveer CManann BJoel L       
Jay PAlejandro Y   Alex G
Rohan MAlex MDarcy M    
Alexander H   Harry D 
Krisy IEllie G 

Victorian Premiers’ Reading Challenge 2019

We are proud to announce that 78 Cumberland students completed the Premiers’ Reading Challenge. Many students logged more books than needed to meet the requirements, with 14 students from Years 3-6 recording the maximum 100 titles. We would like to congratulate the students on their hard work and thank parents and teachers who helped them along the way.  It really is a team effort, and we appreciate the input of everyone involved.


Students who met the Challenge received an official certificate of achievement signed by the current Premier of Victoria, Mr Daniel Andrews, and past Premiers who have supported the program. These certificates were handed out during this week’s Assembly.


We look forward to your involvement in the Challenge in 2020!


Ms Annamaria Meszaros

Premiers’ Reading Challenge Coordinator

5K ‘Space and Light’ Integrated Studies

In Term 4, 5K have been learning about Space and our Solar System. We thought about different ways to remember the planets in order by using different words with the same letters, like M in Mercury. For another activity, 5K split into two groups and made a model of the Solar System using our bodies. We used a scale in metres to demonstrate how far away each planet was from the sun. We chose our planets and went outside onto the oval and the football field to measure it out using trundle wheels. Just like 5M, we even did a centimetre scale on paper and coloured each planet with labels. Learning about Space is amazing and we cannot wait to learn more for the rest of the weeks left of school.  

Maya D 5K


On Wednesday, 5K went to the science lab to learn about light. The scientist in the science lab was Dr Hudson. We learnt about light, reflection and refraction. Light is energy, reflection is when light bounces off something and refraction is when light bends in water, glass or a prism. We did three tests with a light box and recorded our results. It was lots of fun creating vibrant and vivid rainbows.

Daniel J 5K



Hume City Council Education Scholarship

Congratulations to Luke M from Year 6K for being awarded the Hume Council Education Scholarship at the Hume Global Learning Centre on Thursday evening. Luke received this award for demonstrating academic achievements and great citizenship qualities. He was presented this award along with 51 other Year 6 students from schools in the Hume City region. A well-deserved achievement!


Term 4 Assembly Roster


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