Mrs Francis Scuderi

Year 7 2020 Orientation Day

The Year 7 2020 students enjoyed a wonderful day at the College on Thursday 14 November. The students experienced a little time in Drama, Art, Science, Physical Education and Indonesian. It was a highly successful day with lots of happy new students and staff. A very big thank you to parents, Mrs Rohini Chahal, Mrs Joanna Goulding and Mrs Cathy Graham for helping and cooking for us all. The current Year 7 students who gave up their day off to help with the orientation day should be congratulated on a wonderful job. They were wonderful examples of the students we have at Aitken College. Well done to; Irem D, Paige R, Alan F, Aoide A, Devmi P, Bryan W, Naysim F, Georgia R, Hiruki H.M, Briana M, Amy G, Riley P, Sahez S, Luke H, Lachlan T, Talia H and Erin A.

2020 Leadership Interviews

Leadership interviews have now concluded and we begin the hard task of selecting our Captains for next year. The new Leadership Student Team will be notified once this happens.

Presentation Night

A reminder that Monday 9 December is the Aitken College Presentation Night. This is a night for the Aitken community to come together and recognise the great work of all the students and staff of 2019. Dunhelen students are required to attend. Students must be in proper school uniform, they must have their name marked off on the roll upon arrival and must sit with their Homeroom on the night. Any student not attending must provide a note from parents. This note is then passed on to our Deputy Principal.

End of Year

With only 3 weeks of the school term left, it is important for students to remember that it is ‘business as usual’ and all school rules still apply. Please speak to your child about this and about the importance of seeing out the year in a positive manner. Students who behave inappropriately will not be attending their end of year class party. It would be a shame to miss it, as the Homerooms will be changed for next year and it lets down other class members and the teachers who all look forward to a good finish and time to reflect on the year.