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Hello everyone, 

Big virtual hugs from my family to yours at this difficult time in Melbourne and around the world. Children are unique and resourceful and this is the joy that I continue to see with their performing arts work each week on SeeSaw. For our upper primary students who learn an instrument, you may be interested to check out registrations for Australian Youth Orchestra 2021 on this link: 


The National Indigenous Music Awards are happening this weekend! Traditionally held in Darwin's amphitheatre, the 12th annual event will be held online this year. It will be viewable on multiple broadcasting and social media platforms, including National Indigenous Television, National Indigenous Radio Service, Double J, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. The 2020 finalists have been announced... Baker Boy is nominated in no less than three categories, Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, and Film Clip of the Year. Both the latter are for his rap song ‘Meditjin’, which was brilliantly filmed in the National Gallery of Victoria. For more information and to listen to the music:


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Stay safe!

Yours musically,  

Mrs Angelique Both

Classroom Performing Arts

It's been so lovely to see the creative ideas and commitment that children have been showing in their performing arts learning. Go HPS! For those of you who have children keen to extend their learning in performing arts, I will be providing a 'Going Further' section at the bottom of each SeeSaw task. This is entirely optional but may be just what your learner is after!

Instrumental Music 🎺

Online Band started this week! 

We are very excited to run an online band where students learn to record their playing so that they can be put together in whole-band recordings. It is open to all instrumental music students no matter which band they normally play in.


Star Musicians

We are featuring musicians from Highvale each newsletter, to share the student's general experience in the music program, what they enjoy and what keeps them challenged. We initially started this to feature Grade 6 students but now have opened it to all instrumental music students.



Meet Rafael 5/6B

Instrument: Trombone

How many years have you been learning?

4 years

What is your favourite piece of music to play and why?

My favourite piece is ‘Rocket Up’ by Kerin Bailey because it sounds very nice.

The musical achievement I am most proud of is:

My first trombone exam where I got an A+

My favourite band performance was...

...when we played the Star Wars main theme.

The best thing about learning an instrument at HPS is:

...that my teacher helps me to learn in more than one way and I also learn from other students while playing in the band.

My advice for new beginner students is:

...try their best and practise regularly.  



Meet Jason 3/4GT

Instrument: Percussion

How many years have you been learning?

I forgot!

What is your favourite piece of music to play and why?

Keep Truckin because it's a lively glock song.

My favourite band performance was...

...Star Wars, I thought we were all in sync very well!

The best thing about learning an instrument at HPS is:

You get to enjoy something good.

My advice for new beginner students is:

Always start learning one note by a note and put it together.  


Newsletter Performances

We know that students love to share their music during Loud Lunchtime, so it's really exciting that we can now share their performances via sound clips in the weekly newsletter. Here is:




Zoom lessons are still available

If you have stopped lessons and are thinking about starting them up, please make contact with the instrumental team. We can do a single lesson as a trial, fortnightly lessons, or weekly lessons, depending on what works for your family. 


Why learn an instrument?


Performing Arts Recommendations

Hansel and Gretel

This is an amazing project between two graduates from New England Conservatory who founded Due Donne Productions. Using the Nintendo game platform Animal Crossing: New Horizons they created the set, costumes, props, and staging similarly to the way it would be created in real life. By using a capture card to record the scenes within the game, they are able to layer the newly recorded vocal and piano lines over the staging to produce the opera.



Madame Kalamazoo's Magical Mail

Madame Kalamazoo is a mysterious storyteller who arrived from the Blue Moon at the start of lockdown. She writes funny daily stories for children and will send them to you for FREE via the National Theatre by email. The magical thing about her stories is that they have your children in them as the main characters! Madame Kalamazoo’s stories are suitable for playful minds of any age, but so far 5-11 year olds seem to like them best.