Trivia with Leo 

A Club Legend


Alan 'press' Anderson was a champion footballer and a real life charaacter. A cribby boy, he played most of his career whilst Crib Point was in recess 1935-48. He played in Balnarring's 1939 flag, crossed to Hastings and played in the 46/47/48 flags alongside John Coleman. When Crib reformed in 1949 he quickly returned to his hometown and played his twilight years out. He was capt/coach in 1951 retiring at the end of the 1953 season aged 34. His nickname was 'press' because as a young man he quickly noticed at all major events that the media and news reporters would just show a pass and get through the gates for free. So he got a badge made up with the intials M P N PRESS.  He always wore this badge on the lapel of his jacket and everywhere he went he would go to the gatekeeper, point to his badge and say press. He would just keep walking in and he never had to pay - what a legend.

Club legend and property steward Kevin 'count' Anderson is his nephew.


How many players have won a thirds best and fairest and gone on to win firsts best and fairest at Crib Point?


Answer on the last page - see if you get it right!!