Coaches Corner

Message from Senior Football Coach Steve Hamill

Hi all 

Just a quick update on the 2020 season to date. This information will be presented in two parts to keep all members informed on what has been going on up to now and what will be happening in regards to the new restrictions around the season and training. For those of you who know me, you won’t  be surprised that my main message is always about being connected and part of a community- to be part of something bigger than ourselves.

A quick update on the pre -season to mid March.

We have had fantastic training numbers from November through to now, with nearly all the 2019 list returning and a large number of new or past playing signing up for 2020. Andrew Brady has done a great job posting a snap shot and a description of our new and return players on Facebook. We have had a super team of recruiting staff led by Ev De-Kluever and Mick Smith , with some gems also uncovered  from Brades and Gilly . New and returning faces to 2020 this year include David Cook, Waide Symes, James Cook, Peter Coelli, Jake Cronin, Aaron Vandenberg, Jaiden Thompson, Nathan Allan, Jai Brooks, Lachy Bailey, Nick Pepi, Jack Hill, Liam Mc and Jackson L, just to name a few. Also added to our senior ranks are eight or nine 2019 under 19 players , many of whom have already had senior playing experience. We have also had a few high quality recruits within the U/19 ranks as well.  

With large numbers on the track, the quality of training , particularly in regards to developing team structures and ball movement patterns have really improved. This was shown clearly during our intra club matches held recently. Unfortunately  we won’t be able to test ourselves against opposition for a while but I am really looking forward if we get the opportunity to have a crack against some other local teams. What has been the most impressive element of our pre -season was the way the players, coaches, training staff and equipment managers adapted to the fact that we couldn’t train on the Crib Point football oval. We spent the majority of time on the soccer fields at Bittern, sharing the oval at times with many other community groups. Other venues were also used to find a place to train. Andrew Brady spent considerable time and energy securing locations for us, pulling many strings to do so. The playing group handled this challenge in their stride. 


Going into the unknown.

This brings me to the situation that currently exists. As I write this, the news has just come through that the AFL has been suspended and all non- essential services will shut down. A few days ago we found out that our season will be suspended until at least June 1st. Another major challenge that all of us will face in the next couple of months.

We now have to reset our thinking , re focus our goals and set our sights for the second half of the year. We will use the Facebook page to inform players of individual training programs to maintain a level of fitness and skill, so if we recommence we are ready to go. Footy is predominately a running game so players who work hard during this time will benefit once we recommence. 

We will also be setting up a system where we can stay connected with each other throughout this time through various social media . I would encourage all members of our community to reach out to others to give and receive support regularly.

Since I have been involved at Crib Point FNC, I have enjoyed every minute of it. What impresses me is the way committee , volunteer staff , coaches and players face the challenges and get on with it. I have no doubt we will overcome the current challenges we are facing by looking out for each other and staying connected with the Crib Point FNC community.


Steve Hamill