In praise of our remote learners of the week

Each child benefits from an environment where ‘every person is known’

In praise of our remote learners of the week...You are superstars!

Miss Viola's STAR ONLINE LEARNERS for last week were:

Isaiah Kuany

Dian Warkitarachchi Don

Elliot Lee

Jayden Pham

Jasmine Sood

Nyadot (Mana) Bkam

for their efforts throughout this online learning time. Although there has been times when it has been difficult to log on, they have always persisted and sometimes continued with an activity or reading without logging on.

A very special mention -  Isaiah Kuany who attended all his lessons during his recess time at school, with great commitment and a positive attitude.

Although Jayden Quach could not be a part of our sessions, I am very proud of all my LLI students. I am going to miss logging onto Google Meet and waiting for their smiling faces to greet me when they log on!


Well done to Ethan Tran from 1/2ME - Ethan has been working consistently during remote home learning, engaging in learning activities, joining our morning google meet chats as a class and sharing his learning through photos and videos of class Dojo portfolios. Thank-you to Ethan's family for their guidance and support in continuing his learning journey. Ethan you should be very proud of your hard work, I know I am :) 


Well done to Jarrod Theseira from 1/2ME-   Jarrod has completed a wonderful job at continuing his learning from home and some school days. He has been working consistently during remote home learning, engaging in learning activities, joining our morning google meet chats as a class and sharing his learning through photos and videos of class Dojo portfolios. Thank-you to Jarrod's family for their guidance and support in continuing his learning journey. Jarrod you should be very proud of your hard work, I know I am :) 


Well done to Bernardus Sialau from 3/4BA. He has been amazing at remote learning. He is always submitting his work, asking questions through Google Meet and is always doing his absolute best. Bernardus has also actively participated in our regular reading group and provided some great thoughts during our discussions about the books.


Well done to Dion, Nicola and Phi-Yen from F-PR have been trying so hard to reach their learning goals even while being at home! I loved watching the videos of them reading at home. 


Well done to Maria from 5/6 DO. Maria works so hard each and every day and it is great being able to see how much effort she puts into her learning. I was particularly proud of her when I read the poem she wrote about the jungle, using onomatopoeia. Check it out! Well done, Maria! Keep up the AMAZING efforts! 


Well done to Brandon Lai 5/6ST for learner of the week.  He is always willing to help out other students &/or teachers with any & all technology problems on the IPads.  He always manages to fix the problem.


Well done to Younghoon Park from 5/6ST! From the first day we went to online learning Younghoon has impressed me immensely on how easily he has adapted to our new learning situation. Always super organised in the morning to commence his learning, Younghoon enjoys being one of the first students to greet me on our google hangout when I post the link. He always offers support to others if they are having a technical issue and he enthusiastically participates in all discussions regarding our classroom work. Keep up the great work Younghoon!!


Well done to Edie from 1/2GR for being our class learner of the week.  Edie has thrived as a remote learner and has completed all her learning tasks with a wonderful creative spirit.   Edie always works to her best effort, and is engaged and chatting to everyone on Google meet every single morning.  She has welcomed her whole class into her home, sharing lots of special moments with us. Thank you Edie.


Well done to Isaiah from 1/2AB. He is always happy and enthusiastic when doing his work with Miss Viola online. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to contribute to his lesson.


Well done to Joshua Samuel 3/4LI who has consistently completed activities in different areas of the curriculum whether it was English, Performing Arts or Get Moving activities. Well done to you Joshy, keep it up.


Well done to Brett Lee Loong Shin from 5/6FI. Brett has coped extremely well with remote learning this term!! He regularly attends check in and loves to share his daily online learning experience. He has submitted work promptly and it is always of a good standard. He has enjoyed participating in the online class discussions, in particular, sharing the daily progress of the growth of his baby rabbits throughout the remote learning period! 


Well done to Neha from 5/6 HA as she is always in our morning and afternoon meetings since the start of our remote learning. Her work is always handed in on time and is always done to a great standard. She takes feedback onboard and applies that to her future learning. Well done Neha!



Well done to Alessandro from 1/2KO. Alessandro has been working very well with the activities online and sending his work on Dojo. He always joins the chats in the mornings as well.


Well done to Violet Trinh, Keira Francke and Moksh Parikh from 1/2AB! You have all done such a great job participating in lessons and completing all your work.



Well done to Rorendo Heang and Paulina Shivute from 3/4NG on all their excellent work! Rorendo's research task about Aborignal culture where students had to research about their chosen topic for Faith Based Inquiry was excellent. Rorendo has done his research, summarised and rewrote his findings in his own words. For maths grade 3/4s are learning about shapes. Here is a photo of Paulina making a cube out of paper where she identified the properties of a cube. She has also shown great understanding of how to draw the position if a shape by following the rotation instructions.


Well Done to Luke Shenoy from 5/6DO! I would like to give praise to Luke 'the gamer' Shenoy. Each morning and afternoon during our Google Hangout session, Luke is a great conversationalist during our question of the day session. He always contributes his thoughts and ideas and gets us thinking and is a great motivator in getting us talking and encouraging others to share their ideas! I have loved listening to Luke tell us about the famous person he'd like to meet, the best toy ever, his favourite food or the place he'd most like to visit. It's been really fun getting to know him even more during this period of online learning!  


Well done to Kolu Wakuma from 3/4BA  - she has managed to work effectively both online and onsite. She has continued to show her positive attitude towards her learning and submits all her work. I have attached a copy of her sketch for Jesus' ascension activity that she completed last week. I know it isn't coloured but you can still see she tried her very best with this task.


Well done to Vanthean Lim from 3/4BA - who has been very responsible with his online learner ensuring he submits all his work and asks questions through google meet. He has also consistently attended online LLI reading groups and actively participated in these discussions. On many of these occasions he provided great insights about the read texts.


Well done to Thien from 5/6HA. Thien is always handing in outstanding work and doing his best to challenge himself. If at any point he is unsure of work or cannot complete it, he lets his teacher know. Well Done Thien!


Well done to Eddie from 5/6PO/WA!

Eddie has shown enthusiasm in his online learning and a positive attitude. He has demonstrated dedication and responsibility in his learning by asking for help when he needs it and has been a superstar in his reading group. Congratulations Eddie!


Well done Iona from 5/6PO/WA!

I have been impressed with Iona for her dedication to her learning throughout the last 7 weeks. She has worked hard to complete tasks with a positive attitude and giving 100% effort. She makes sure to ask for help when she needs it and is an active participant in all our Google Hangout class meetings. Congratulations Iona!


Well done to Danyon Morina from 5/6ST! From when we began Online Remote Learning, Danyon Morina has been enthusiastically participating in all online calls and meetings. He not only can efficiently navigate all tasks and complete them to a high standard, but he always goes above and beyond to challenge himself and extend his learning. I look forward to seeing his cheerful face in the morning and know that, if I have made a mistake, Danyon will find it!! What a great job you are doing Danyon. Keep up the hard work! 


Well done to Orlando from 3/4FIS! Orlando has been of our remote learning champs. He is always one of the first to check in at morning and afternoon roll calls and greets the class with a cheery hello!. He is always keen to share his online learning experiences (and his lovely dog)  in the Google Hangout chats with myself and the other students. Great work Orlando!!


Well done to Tanisha Mhlanga from 3/4LI! Tanisha has been trying her very best and is always ready for online instructions at the beginning of each activity. She is pushing herself  and tries to score the best mark when doing the quizzes. Well done.


Well done to Gamta Fikadu from 5/6ST. He has been an outstanding support for Simbo 1/2GR while she was at home doing online learning!


Congratulations to Marielena from 3/4CH for always persisting and trying hard on her remote learning every day. We love it when you share your ideas with everyone.