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'In partnership with the wider community, our students strive for excellence and acquire the knowledge, skills and attitudes that ensure lifelong learning and empower them to contribute to the global community.'


Please read the uniform Policy. After many weeks of online learning we are noticing quite a few unusual uniform choices at school at the moment. It is winter uniform time. We have our uniform shop onsite. Please ensure that your children arrive at school in their full school uniform and correct shoes.  If you need to send your child to school in something else until you can buy the correct piece, please send a note. We appreciate your support, the children look lovely when in their proper uniform.




A uniform dress code reinforces in students a pride in their own appearance, instils recognition of themselves as an integral part of the school community, and assists in developing pride in representing their school. The following dress code states the expectations St Anthony’s Primary Noble Park and community holds with regard to student appearance. This code will apply during school hours, while travelling to and from school and when students are engaged in school activities out of school hours. The St Anthony’s student dress code takes precedence over student's individual preference in matters of dress. In the establishment of this Dress Code, issues such as expenses, health and safety and equality have been considered.





  • To identify the students of St Anthony’s School
  • Provide a cost effective method of dressing students Monday to Friday
  • Provide an equality of clothing that does not distinguish between socio-economic groups
  • Minimise competition
  • Assist to develop a sense of pride in our school
  • Whilst we are aware of the financial pressures on families to make sure each child has the full school uniform, we also recognise the wearing of correct school uniform prepares students for Secondary School and the work force where a certain standard of dress is expected.

Organisational Structures:

St Anthony’s School uniform consists of the following items :

  • St Anthony’s monogrammed school bag
  • St Anthony’s monogrammed library bag/communication pouch



  • Monogrammed Royal Blue Polo Shirt 
    (available from school)
  • Unisex Maroon Shorts 
    (available from school)
  • Monogrammed Maroon Tracksuit Top 
    or Bomber Jacket (available from school)
  • Short White Ankle or Knee High Socks 
    (available from Department Stores)
  • Black Leather School Shoes 
    (available from any shoe store)
  • Maroon & Blue Check Dress 
    (available from school)
  • Girls Bike Short 
    (available from school)
  • School Hats 
    - Compulsory in Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4   
    (available from school)
  • Monogrammed Royal Blue Long Sleeve Polo Shirt (available from school)
  • Monogrammed Maroon Tracksuit Top 
    or Bomber Jacket (available from school)
  • Monogrammed Polar Fleece Vest 
    (available from school)
  • Unisex Blue Pant 
    (available from school)
  • Girls Winter  Blue & Maroon Tartan Tunic 
    (available from school)
  • Monogrammed Maroon Rain Jacket
    (available from school)
  • White Socks 
    (available from Department Stores)
  • Navy Blue Tights
    (available from school)
  • Black Leather School Shoes 
    (available from any shoe store)
  • School Hats - Compulsory in Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4
  • Running shoes can be worn on sports days only. On all other days the black school shoes should be worn with white socks only.

Policy Date: Updated 2019

Review of Policy: 2020




Some of Last Week's Online learners of the week




It was fantastic to be able to get in my car last week and today and hand deliver some online learner of the week certificates to some special people even though some weren't home! Mr Gow was also on the road. Look out this Friday because it could be you!


Mrs Rowley and Mr Gow

Before and after School Care has moved


Please be advised that before and after school care has moved to the Community Hub within the school from this week, week 3, Monday April 27th. This is due to the Church renovations. You can enter the school only via the St Anthony's Playgroup gate. Please see Asanka for further details of phpone the office.

Waste free lunches are still a priority for students attending onsite during COVID-19



St Anthony’s wishes to remind families that we are committed to being a nude food school. We are working with the council to ensure waste free lunches are just part of a normal day. We encourage you to please leave all plastic wrapped items at home or empty the contents of plastic wrapped items into a container. 

Student User Agreements

We are in the process of following up unsigned student user agreements. Most of the forms were sent via mail this week. Please read, sign and send back via the envelope provided ASAP. Thank you to everyone who has already sent back the form via DOJO or email. 

Every day counts - School Attendance during Covid-19


Please remember that the roll is marked daily and attendance for home is a requirement. Please remember it is important that you make contact with teachers to access learning during the week. We must see you accessing learning . Every effort has been made by the school to ensure that you can be in constant contact with the school and teachers.


Each day of school missed makes a difference,

with the effect on learning accumulating over time. From an early age, if children are taught that they need to 'show up' for school and make a

commitment, this positive mentality aids academic and career success and brings benefits in adulthood.




If your child is going to be absent from school, please call the school office on 95460044 by 9.00am.  Alternatively, you can email the school to notify of your child’s absence at, or log the absence via the link on the website.

If we do not receive notification of an absence by 9.30am we are required under regulations to message you at home or work to follow up the absence. Please notify the school of all absences. Please note that prolonged absences without notification will be followed up. Many days absent from school does impact on student learning and programs designed to support students.

St Anthony's Virtual Tour!

Click here!!


It has been absolutely wonderful to welcome many new families to St Anthony's over the past 2 weeks for tours. Even though it has been quiet, we are grateful to be able to take prospective families for tours and have welcomed them back when school resumes to really capture the wonderful connected and excited 'buzz' of learning we usually have here when all learners and staff and present onsite.




Kids Helpline during COVID-19


Kids Helpline - Anytime Any reason

The Kids Helpline has an online help domain now. Children who are not comfortable to call the 1800 number can go to the website (see the link above) and enter the age appropriate link to get mental health and wellbeing support.