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'Family engagement drives academic results.'


A silver lining is a metaphor for optimism which means a negative/challenging occurrence may have a positive aspect to it.


During the last 7 weeks we have faced some challenging times with Covid-19 restrictions and entering into online and remote learning. We have seen many silver linings during this time. These silver linings have made us smile, brightened our day and given us optimism to continue our online learning journey.


We would love for you to share with us a silver lining you and your family have noticed over the last 7 weeks. Some examples of this could be seeing progress in your child’s learning, seeing them persevere, watching them develop independence, seeing their confidence grow, being able to sit with them and see their learning in action.


Please share your silver lining with me by sending an email to


We will be creating a display at school to share these symbols of positivity and optimism with our community.


We are looking forward to hearing all of your wonderful silver linings!