Senior Secondary News

Return to Senior School

We are delighted that all Year 10-12 students have returned to North Campus. A reminder of the measures in place in order to care for each other and for our extended community include:

  • Labelled drink bottle which can be refilled
  • Follow hand washing, and cough and sneeze protocols
  • Be outside in the fresh air at recess and lunch times.

Please note that:

  • Social distancing will be encouraged - this is an acceptable and advisable practice as many of our students are young adults.
  • We must all respect the right of others to social distance. Students and teachers will have their own reasons, which may include underlying issues for their own health or that of family members
  • If students are unwell they must stay home.


All students are expected to be present for morning homeroom which commences at 8:45.


Study periods

Senior VCE students who have study periods after recess may study at home if they have 

parental permission. Please notify Mr Alley (Senior Secondary Coordinator) or Mrs Hadlow with the week and the times that your permission is granted for our records.


Sign In/Out Station

The new sign in and out station is located near Mrs Cooper and Mrs Campbell's office. Visitors to North Campus and students who arrive outside normal hours sign in/out there.


Canteen - Lunch Orders

Students may order their lunch in the morning. Lunches will be delivered to North campus at 1.00pm.


Term 3 - Return to the College 20 July

We do hope that you and your families have a restful and joyous time during the forthcoming mid-year break and look forward to seeing all students again on Monday 20 July. 


Sharyn Hadlow

Head Senior Secondary School

Updated VCE Exam Period & GAT Date

Written exams will be conducted between 9 November and 2 December 2020, so that ATAR scores can be calculated and VCE and VCAL students will receive their results before the end of 2020. 


The VCE exam schedule will be published on the VCAA website following the Minister’s announcement. The date for the General Achievement Test has also now been confirmed as Wednesday 9 September 2020. Specific information on the VCE exam timetable will be provided before the start of Term 3. 


Chris Alley

Senior Secondary Coordinator

Applied Learning at Bayside

On Wednesday 17 June, both the Cert II Kitchen Operations class, and the Cert II Agriculture class, have been working towards legacy.

The Agriculture class has been working hard towards filling the orchard area in the 'Ongrowing Zone'. Fruit trees that have been planted include apples, plums, quince, figs and peaches. They have also planted out berries including raspberry and thornless blackberries. Some of these plants will not fruit in the next 12 months, but in the coming years. The legacy of this class is that they were there when the vision was cast to grow produce for the years. Thank you Agriculture class - Mr David Goschnick, Zoe, James, Harry, Caleb and Cooper.


The Year 2 Kitchen Operations team were also working towards legacy as they made "brekkie muffins" at a function. For a very tasty gold coin donation, students and staff on the North Campus were able to support Tear Australia's 'Useful Gifts', whilst eating an amazing brekkie muffin - with some staff and students coming back for a second and a third! The funds raised were enough to purchase a "Build A Village - Local School", "Build a Village - Local Health" and "Build a Village - Local Garden". Thank you to all staff and students who supported us. Thank you Kit Ops class - Mr Scott Megee, Karina, Caleb and Nick.


Next week (Wednesday 24 June), we will have the same set up (gold coin donation) for some amazing pizzas.


A reminder that VCAL Assessment Panels will run the last week of term - 

  • 22 June for Years 12 & Year 11
  • 23 June for Years 11 & 10.

I am really looking forward to the reflections and growth our students will identify and present on.


Olivia Williams

Applied Learning Coordinator


Year 11 Media students had to put their original film projects on hold during the time we had to complete school at home. There were plans in place for them to complete the project from home, using the devices available to them. Since arriving back, they have been given the opportunity to execute the project with all the equipment available on campus, or to continue working within the constraints of the limited equipment.


Joel Kong

Media Teacher


Year 12 Biology students have enjoyed learning about diseases and the immune system, which is especially relevant in the current situation. They have found out about how the body defends itself against disease and how we can protect ourselves including hand washing, and vaccinations. Students completed a practical activity investigating how effective hand washing with soap or using sanitiser is against bacteria. It was discovered that the hand sanitiser reduced the number of bacteria on the agar plates much more than the soap did.


Tanya Rogers

Secondary Science Teacher


Year 10 VCAL students worked with the highly talented Mr Mason to build an outdoor vegetable washing station using a recycled sink and a combination of new and recycled timber. The sink will get a coat of paint next week to help keep it weatherproof and it will sit next to the outdoor compost heap. Agriculture students will then be able to wash the organic produce they grow and harvest before taking it home to eat.


We also transplanted tomato, thyme and sage plants into pots from two garden beds, which are being redesigned in the outdoor garden. I hope you enjoy the photos of our VCAL students learning really valuable life skills as a part of their schooling.


Ken Berry

Secondary Teacher


Chinese Silkies are our new additions to the Bayside poultry program. Although comical in appearance, especially after rain (they rarely seek shelter from the elements!), this ancient, oriental breed is ideal as a backyard pet due to their cute appearance, exceptional broodiness (they will hatch and rear almost any other breed) and much less damaging on garden beds and plants.


Weirdly this breed has blue eye lobes, 5 toes instead of the usual 4 and feathers that look like fur! Although small in size, they are much favoured for meat as their skin and bones are always dark regardless of their feather colour, and allegedly taste gamier and are more nutritious than regular chicken. They are the basis for the famous “black skinned chicken” recipe. We don’t intend to consume any of our Silkies but look forward to breeding more in the spring on south side.


David Goschnick

Agriculture Teacher

General Maths Students Enjoying the New Online Edrolo Textbook

Our General Maths students have been most excited about getting access to the new Edrolo online textbook and resources. They are finding the layout easy to follow and the annotated practice exam style questions most useful. The short videos explaining the answers to questions are also great!


Shirley Patterson

Head of Learning Innovation & Discipleship

Year 12 VCE

Parents of Year 12 VCE students may find a number of helpful ideas within this parent resource, 'Providing Emotional Support for Senior Students'. (Ignore the references to the 'HSC' - it is written for a NSW audience but the key messages are still very applicable for our own students). 


Claire Dawson 

Careers Coordinator