Junior Secondary News

Year 8 Agriculture Harvesting

The bonus of not being at school for a long period of time is that our vegetables had time to grow and get ready to be harvested. I hope you enjoy the photos of our Year 8 students with the potatoes they dug up and our sole remaining zucchini.


We pulled out most of the lettuce plants, which are now too old to eat and fed them to the chickens and ducks!


Year 8 Agriculture students removed several large noxious weeds around the Indigenous area on North Campus. Ink weed spreads quickly and needs to be totally dug out (including the tuber root) to successfully kill it. The students did a great job and were proud of their achievements.


Year 8 OES Trangia Stove Cooking


Ken Berry 

OES Teacher

Year 9 Science Field Trip

To complete their study of Ecosystems, Year 9 Science students were treated to a special presentation from Mr Goschnick on the proposed development of the dam on the North Campus into a wetlands area. The students then took water and soil samples to determine temperature, pH and water turbidity. They also measured air temperature, pressure, humidity and windspeed at different locations around the dam.They concluded that the dam area already has a thriving ecosystem.I would like to thank Mr Goschnick for volunteering his time to share some interesting information.


Chris Alley

Secondary Teacher

Reminders of Remote Learning

While Matthew was at home we arranged an early birthday present. Here he is with his puppy, Spook.


Hein making the most of his time at home.


Tianah working on her project for Humanities creating the Great Sphinx of Giza.


Liam and Amy enjoying the beach on a lovely May afternoon.


This has been a very challenging time for my family. I feel like I have been tested to a new level of patience and learning. It has enhanced my respect for teachers and staff in schools, even within my own community. I have a new appreciation for teachers that work with my son and all the kids. There have been great times too, especially when we breakthrough with an assignment or finally click submit - it is a great feeling that we're progressing. I understand the importance of getting the work done but God has shown me in my own personal journey as a woman and mum that perseverance and hard work do pay off. It's okay to make mistakes as long as we keep moving forward. We were lucky and weren't as affected as the rest of the country so it didn't feel too different in our city. After a few weeks of lockdown things started to feel back to normal pretty soon after. 


Clint was lucky enough to get to come back home to the Northern Territory during this crisis and be with his family, we wanted Nana to come too but she had to work. Since then we have been managing as best as we can at home. We were unable to send him back sooner due to the closed borders so he's been stuck with us. 


Luckily today, God made a way and we have booked his return ticket to Melbourne, ready for him to start Term 3 back on site. He is excited and sad. It's a feeling I know too well, living away from home to get better educational opportunities. 


I've loved working with him, but I must say I am so grateful he is able to continue with his education in the normal way. I was feeling a bit worried that online was going to be the new mode of schooling, mind you Clint's other siblings have been back at school... praise the Lord things are getting back to normal. Stay safe and thank you for looking after my big boy as he's away in the big city. His family and friends know that he is in safe hands.